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I’m into week 26 now and happily still loving my rpm classes and enjoying the training that I can do.

Certain exercise is out now although there is still alot of things I
can do. I made the decision to stop running a few weeks back as it just
didn’t feel right anymore but other than that most other things are
still good.

I’ve noticed that my intensity gets a bit less as the weeks progress
but right now the goal isn’t to build fitness but just to keep
exercising as it makes me feel great.

I’ve spoken to a lot of exercise instructors lately who trained
right up until the day they gave birth so as long as I’m feeling ok I’m
going to keep doing whatever I can. Saturday I did my usual double up of
rpm and pump and loved every minute of it. Atlhough I must say I did
experience a bit of Body Pump rage (doesn’t really exist but I got a bit
annoyed during the class). I can’t believe how many women go to body
pump but don’t even challenge themselves. Some of the weights that women
were lifting would have been less than carrying the shopping bags to
the car. I just find it strange as to why they’d spend an hour of their
time achieving not much at all. I do realise everyone exercises for
different reasons although surely you’d want to benefit from an exercise

In the class there is a choice of 2 different bars, one is 1kg and
the other is 6kg and then you have the 1.25kg, 2.5kg and 5kg plates. No
kidding most women grab the 1kg bars and are lucky to even pick up a 5kg
weight!!! I seriously think people underestimate their strength or
maybe they just don’t want to work hard. The instructor did make a point
of saying that many people could increase their weights although no one
made any inclination that they wanted to and looked bemused at why they
should. I must say I’m feeling pretty weak right now but I’d still pick
up the heavy bar and those 5kg weights plus more to get a decent
workoout. Anyway it made me realise that I most probably wouldn’t be a
great group instructor as I’d end up walking around the room loading
everyone up with weights which wouldn’t go down too well.

Anyway last week was a bit slack on the exercise front. Still
managed 3 x Hill walks, 1 x weights, 1 x rpm and 1 x spin but because I
was away on a three day trip struggled to do much more than fly all day
and do my laptop work at night!

Tomorrow I’m off to Brissie for the day to catch up with my sister
who is visiting for a couple of days. I’m only flying down in the
morning and back that night but thought it would be great to catch up
while we can, plus she’s hanging to see my preggy belly! (hope bubs
decides to kick for her as he seems to stop moving everytime Cam puts
his hand on my belly!). So tomorrows exercise will be a nice walk over
to South Bank. I really do love going running along there whenver I
overnight in Brissie, although for now it’s just walking!

Anyway enough rambling from me, all is going well. Getting larger by
the day but also more excited as I get closer to when bubs is due. I’ve
now got most of the nursery sorted and ordered my pram, bassinet and
carseat online last week and the cot and change table have been up for
ages now!

Only 14 weeks to go!!!

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