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Cam & Jamie Bike riding Only 15 weeks to go and bubs is due! Who knows whether he will come on time but it doesn’t seem that far away now.

I’m really starting to notice being pregnant now as I don’t seem to
move around as quickly and just getting up seems harder when you’ve got a
basketball around your belly.

Last week I made a conscious effort to get back into a lot of things
that make me feel good (exercise, eating well, catching up with friends
and keeping busy). Just making an effort seems to be making a
difference as I felt so much better this week and realise more than ever
that doing some exercise in the morning truly sets me up for a great

I’ve managed to get up my favourite hill 3 times and even jogged for
15 minutes during one session, although I’ve realised jogging is out as
I was SO sore in the legs for the rest of the day that it just wasn’t
worth it. I’ve also been to two rpm classes, a Body Pump session and
done one weights session at home. It was really easy to fit it all in
and the hardest part was simply forcing myself to do it. The thing that
motivates me to do my exercise right now is simply the fact that it
makes me a happier person (which is a pretty good reason to do it). So
as hard as it is on some days to squeeze into my too tight gym clothes
and face the gym I know that it will make me feel so much better.

My nutrition has been better although still leaves a bit to be
desired. I suppose before I was pregnant I was so used to be so good
most of the time that anything below that just seems like crap. I do
notice that when I eat crap I feel like crap and as much as I want it
and think I NEED it I know I don’t and it really doesn’t help. Turning
to food for comfort seems like a good idea although it only really
comforts you for a moment while you are eating it and then you feel
pretty average afterwards. So anyway another week is ahead of me and the
plan is to be even a bit better this week. I’m back on call for flying
this week and hoping for a trip or two to get me out and about before
I’m not allowed to fly anymore.

One thing I am really struggling with at the moment is the
realisation that there are so many things I can’t do right now and won’t
be able to do once bubs is born. Over the past few months Cam has got
right into mountain biking and tends to go for a ride each weekend.
Obviously as I’ve got more pregnant I can’t go riding (well not on the
tracks that Cam goes anyway) and I find it hard that I can’t share this
experience with Cam and the reality is that I won’t be able to once bubs
is born either. For someone who is so active normally and so used to
giving anything a go it’s so hard to just sit on the sidelines and hear
about it all. I so miss having a challenge, setting a goal, pushing
myself out of my comfort zone and just working towards something. Right
now my goal might be to have a healthy babv which is a huge feat
although involves a lot of just waiting instead of doing!  I know I’m
complaining and I do realise how very lucky I am to be having a baby and
it is something I have always wanted although it still doesn’t make the
journey easy.

Another week down and another week closer to becoming a Mum, I must
say I am getting excited and looking forward to getting all the goodies I
need for bubs just in case he comes a bit early.

I still need to buy my pram which is a BIG decision as I know I’ll
be using it a lot plus the car seat (which I’m planning on the
SafenSound Merridian) and just some other bits and pieces so I have
everything on hand.

Anyway that’s it from me for another

week, I hope everyone is going great and feeling fantastic.

Cheers, Hilds

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