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24 WEEKS PREGNANT Over the half way mark now and really starting to feel pregnant. My belly
has really popped out now and I’m struggling a bit with clothes at the

Cam & I have been on holidays although decided to have a holiday
at home this year and just enjoy the Sunny Cairns winter. So far we’ve
been camping and up to the gorgeous Sea Temple Resort Port Douglas for
my Birthday. Now we’re just pottering around the house finishing off a
few odd jobs and just not doing too much at all.

Overall I haven’t had any real complaints with pregnancy itself
although have been struggling a bit with feeling down and just not being
my normal self. I know that a lot of it is due to the lack of my usual
intense exercise, an increase in junk food and just not being as social
as usual. So I’ve taken steps to get me feeling good again and just
after a few days of making a conscious effort to include some activity
each day and eat well has made a huge difference.

The one thing I am loving about being pregnant is feeling our little
boy move, yes that’s right we are having a boy! I love laying in bed at
night and just feeling him move about. It was frustrating for a while
as Cam couldn’t feel him although this week the little boy has been
packing a few good punches and Cam can now feel him too.

Anyway enough from me, I’m off to get the house cleaned and get this
baby room a bit more organised as holidays will be over soon and I will
be pretty flat out until I’m about 34 weeks pregnant and stop working
my flying job.

I hope everyone is going great and have a nice weekend planned.

Luv, Hilds

EMAIL : hilde@getactiveonline.com

Sea Temple Port Douglas

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