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CHLOE Well I shouldn’t leave it so long between blogs as I end up having too much to say (not like me at all, he, he).

Last week finished off well with a flying trip to Adelaide to catch
up with my gorgeous little niece Chloe, visit the family and catch up
with some old friends. I think it was just what the doctor ordered as I
came home feeling so much better than when I left. (maybe a bit tired
but visiting friends and family always cheers me up). If was a rushed
visit as I left home at 5:30am Friday morning and was back in my own bed
by midnight Satruday night (there is nothing like sleeping in your own
bed especially when pregnant).

Lately I’ve found that being at home more and not flying as much has
left me feeling a bit lonely. I’ve discovered that as crazy as my life
gets at times I just love being busy and actually seem to be far more
productive when I have heaps on the go. For the last couple of months
I’ve been on call for flying and there doesn’t seem to be much
happening, this sounds great although I really miss the interaction of
working with others and getting out and about.

So I’ve started thinking heaps more about what I’m going to do once
bubs arrives as I know I’m not one to be stuck at home 24/7 and love it.
Yesterday I checked with my gym about creche hours and also how old
bubs has to be before I can use the creche. I’ve also figured I’ll start
a walking group with other mums as it will be nice to get out and about
and give me a bit more social interaction.

It’s all starting to become very real just how much my life is going
to change and although I’m nervous I’m so very excited as well.

Last week we had our next scan and found out bubs is doing great and
what we are having. I can’t reveal it just yet as I don’t know if Cam
has filled everyone in but it’s so nice to be able to get orgaised and
even more excited. I’m realising more than ever just what an organised
freak I am as I’ve nearly set up the whole nursery already (I think Cam
thinks I’m nuts). It’s a bit scary as sometimes I think I should wait
but I gather there is no harm in being super positive and getting
excited now.

TRAINING: This has been going well and I’m pretty happy with the
level of training I have been keeping up. I am struggling a bit with
finding decent gym clothes as everything doesn’t look that great and
right now the priority is to just cover the bump and ever expanding

WEEK 18:




WEEK 19:





From now on I’ve started going to Body Pump as I’ve just lost the
motivation to train with weights at home and find a class more
enjoyable. I’m also going to switch the jogs for more walks and rpm
classes as my joints aren’t liking the running much at the moment.

FOOD: Well it seems to be an ongoing battle. During the week things
are good and as the weekend approaches too many extras start creeping
in. So on Friday I’m feeling good but come Monday not so good. I have no
excuse other than I’ve just been relaxing a bit too much. It’s hard
knowing you need to gain weight although don’t need too much. I know
after a weekend of junk that scale can jump up dramatically and it’s not
the baby having a massive growth spurt! I don’t actually weigh myself
very often as I have never been a bit fan of the scale and right now
it’s going up quicker than I’d like so I tend to avoid torturing myself.

I have noticed that I’m not getting as much iron as I should
although even when I try to include more it still isn’t enough. I can
tell because I’m actually more tired now than I was in the 1st trimester
and I get really bad restless legs. I had a blood test yesterday and
I’m sure my iron will be low so I’ll most proably just go on an iron
supplement as I’m seriously struggling to eat the required amount.

MOOD: Went through a few stages when I was so over being at home and
starting to feel a bit lonely. It really hit home how much I love
social interaction and miss my crazy flying lifestyle. The visit to
Adelaide definatley helped and I’ve realised that I need to make a big
effort to include activities that involve others when I’m not flying as
much. I’ve got 2 more weeks before I have some holidays and then 3 weeks
after that before I have to stop flying all together so I’m hoping to
squeeze in a few trips before then.

Anyway enough rambling from me, it’s time for a quick nana nap. Last
night I couldn’t sleep and woke at 2am and ended up just getting up and
reading for a couple of hours. Hopefully a quick snooze will help me
get through the rest of the day.

Here is a pic from about 19 weeks pregant (you’ll notice a huge
change the next pic you see, my belly and butt are really growing now!)

Have a great day!

Cheers, Hilds


Hilds 19 Weeks

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