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Another week down and the belly is getting that bit bigger although I’m feeling great!

Last week I gave myself a big kick up the butt and started being
honest with myself. I was getting too fat too quickly and it was purely
from eating too much and not doing as much exercise as I know I could. I
know EVERYONE keeps saying just relax while your pregnant although I
was personally starting to feel quite uncomfortable with myself and I
actually want to enjoy this pregnancy not just feel like a fat, lazy

So last week I took action and started eating really well again and
really cut down on the sugar and extras that were creeping in. I can
honestly say I feel WAY better for doing it. I also got right back into
my exercise and decided to make it a priority for the week and it made
such a big difference. It actually didn’t take up much time at all but I
just made sure I did something each day.

FOOD: Great, enjoying my salads again and hooked on my natural
yoghurt with an apple and seeds for breakfast. Still had a few treats on
the weekend but they were well deserved after a good week of eating and

TRAINING: Great, I went back to rpm and even Body Pump and loved it, atlhough still sore from Pump on Saturday.

Training for the week:

2 x 5km Jogs – Getting slower and slower each week.

2 x 5.4km Hill walks

2 x RPM classes

3 x Weights (1 x Upper Body, 1 x Lower Body, 1 x Body Pump)

MOOD: I can’t describe what a difference it made just eating well
again and getting right back into my exercise.I’ve been reminded why I
choose to eat well and exercise the majority of the time (it makes me
feel great).

On a high note I think I can start to feel bubs move. It’s not like
big kicks or anything but more like little bubbles in my tummy. I just
can’t wait until Cam can feel something too. We’ve got another scan this
coming weekend and so hoping we can find out whether we are having a
boy or girl.

Anyway that’s about it baby wise. We’ve still been busy finshing off
some renovations around the house and in the process of planning what
we should do in our final holiday before bubs arrives.

So that’s it for another week, I hope everyone else is doing what makes them feel great.

Cheers, Hilds

P.S I’ll update with a preggy picure next week.

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