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Hilds 14-15 Weeks pregnant Wow, I can’t believe how fast the weeks are going now that I am feeling
better. The last couple of weeks I have gradually felt better and better
and the nausea has finally gone. I do still have the average day
normally when I’ve worked late and haven’t got enough sleep but other
than that feeling pretty good. I’m 15 weeks currently and just hanging
to start feeling bubs move.

MOOD: Overall I’ve been feeling pretty good. I had a few days there
where I was really struggling with my expanding waist and just feeling
rather chunky. Atlhough now that I can tell everyone it’s the first
think out of my mouth. I’ve had to do a few afternoon flights lately and
it’s been a bit of a struggle to feel good in my uniform as right now I
just look like I’ve expanded. It’s funny as i flew on Sunday night and I
told the crew I was pregnant and one of the girls said she was going to
ask, geez my stomach must be really buldging out, he, he! I’ve ordered
the maternity uniform which I don’t really need as I’ve got a bigger
size dress but would rather be super comfy than looking pudgy in my

So other than struggling with my expanding waist I’m feeling pretty
good, actually feeling better and better as the days pass. I think I’ve
come to terms with getting fat now and actually really excited about the
rest of my pregnancy. Last night I went through my whole wardrobe and
packed up all my skinny clothes and just left my wardrobe full of
suitable comfy pregnancy clothes. I even bought a really nice maternity
top that I’d wear afterwards and some maternity bathers. I do need to
get myself one of those belly belts or expanding things so I can keep
wearing my skirts but some of the waist bands are just too tight right
now. Plus I need new bras especially sports bras as NONE of them fit

TRAINING: Now that i’m feeling better I’ve been enjoying getting out
and about. Haven’t been doing as much as I’d like mainly due to being
flat out renovating & working but this week Cam is away so I’m
trying to squeeze a few more sessions in.

WEEK 13:



1 X 7.5KM JOG

WEEK 14:




So as you can see I’ve been a bit slack on with the weights. It’s
because I leave them to the afternoon and lately it just doesn’t happen.
The strange thing is that I really enjoy doing my weights but I’m
loving getting outside more. Anyway going to try and do better again
this week.

FOOD: This had been pretty good. Still having a few too many treats
which I suppose I’ve just never done so it feels like too many although
it’s not every day but definatley including more than before.

I know I need to try and include some more veggies and salad
although it still doesn’t appeal. I might have to experiment with a few
things to see if I can find anything I like. I am loving my natural
yoghurt right now and omlettes with pesto and sundried tomato!!!

Anyway that’s it from me, time to get back to work and get through my massive list of things to do.

I’ve inserted a preggy picture which was taken at about 14 and a
half weeks. Not looking too flash but wanted to keep a record of the
expanding waist line.

Have a fabulous day everyone.

Love, Hilds

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