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Well I’ve finally made it past the magical 12 week mark and I must say it’s a big relief!!!

I’m starting to feel a lot more relaxed about it all and pretty
excited. I suppose it’s been helped by the fact that I don’t feel like
death anymore and I’m feeling more human as the days pass.

Everyone is right, this sickness does get better as the first
trimester comes to an end (well for most anyway, there are a few unlucky
ones who get sick throughout their whole pregnancies).

FOOD: This week I’ve tried to make a big effort to clean things up a
bit. I can now tolerate a few more foods so It has made things a bit
easier. In saying that there is still a lot I can’t handle and struggle a
bit when I’m not at home. The other night I had to fly to Brissie and
back and really struggled on the aircraft. For one I was super tired as
normally I go to bed about 9pm and I was still flying at 10:30. I still
seem to get a bit sick when I’m tired and generally just later in the
day. Still can’t seem to go out for dinner as I’m at my worse then.

I’ve done lots of reading about nutrition during pregnancy and not
too much changes from a normal good healthy diet. I am noticing I’m
craving a lot more dairy which was lacking in my diet and have included
some natural yoghurt, low fat cheese and I’m even drinking a bit of milk
which I used to hate because it bloated me. It’s quite amazing how your
body changes during pregnancy! I still find it funny how everyone to
tells you to just eat what your craving as your body obviously needs it!
Last night I was craving chocolate (first time I’ve craved sweets so
far and not really a good thing!). I don’t honestly believe that I
needed chocolate, maybe some calcium from milk or a sleep instead of
truckloads of sugar and fat. I still had some chocolate but I’m not
about to start justifying it because “my body needed it” I just think
that is too funny!!! I think a pregnant woman can justify anything.

I’m also trying to have more iron as I don’t eat a lot of red meat
and I know it can be pretty common to lack iron as your pregnancy
progresses. Other than that not much has changed except for I’ve been
eating a bit too much come the weekends and feeling very padded right

MOOD: Feeling great, well one day I’m feeling great and the next I’m
feeling ok. I can’t describe how good it is just to feel “normal”
again. I can actually go out for a coffee (decaf for me) with Cam and
enjoy it! I’m also fine in the mornings and have been forcing myself to
get back into a regular exercise routine. The hardest thing right now is
that I just feel bloated by the end of the day and have a lot more
padding than normal although not really looking pregnant just yet, just a
bit fat!

I’m also getting more and more excited as the weeks pass and over the coming months can’t wait to start going baby shopping.

TRAINING: This is going better, not great but much better than the past couple of weeks. Last week I managed:

2 x 5km jog

1 x 50 min Hill/Jog

1 x 50 min Red Arrow (stair walk)

1 x Weight session – Still sore.

It wasn’t quite as much as I’d planned and I’m learning that the
mornings are the best if I want to get things done. I’ve also learnt
ALOT about my body and how pregnancy affects it. I’ve been reading my
book about exercising during pregnancy and it explains why your heart
rate is elevated during the first trimester, why you are shorter of
breath and how these things change as you go along.

I’ve been religiously wearing my heart rate monitor. Not really to
stay in a particular zone but more to see what’s actually happening.
Over the last couple of months when I’ve been running it has been REALLY
elevated, higher than when I used to sprint although I’ve also
discovered that my resting heart rate was about 20bpm higher. It meant
while exercising I’d use more energy (burn more calories) but not
necesarily working harder than usual. I still felt ok during my runs
although a bit harder and a bit shorter of breathe due to the increase
in blood flow and the bodies attempt to keep up the Oxygen flow to the
extra blood circulating. So anyway the good news is these things have
changed again. This morning I went for a run and it seemed much easier.
It was just 5km but my heart rate was pretty normal and it was much
easier to breathe.

This week I’ve set myself the goal of achieving the following: (this is all dependant if I have to fly off!)




RPM X 2 (a bit nervous about this one, haven’t been forever!)

So overall I’m feeling pretty good. A bit frustrated that I can’t
seem to get my act together with my food but generally eating ok (just
too much!). I’m thinking by the end of this week I should hopefully be
feeling back to normal and ready to start the second trimester feeling

I’ll take some pics of my fat belly at the end of my first trimester!

Have a great week.

Cheers, Hilds

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