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Well I’ve had a busy week, flying all over the place and trying to get on my
laptop to answer emails at any opportunity available.

The week started out pretty good with a big 36km bike ride on
Sunday, Cam and I decided to ride into the Lagoon pool in town and back
home again via the scenic route. It was a lovely ride although it’s made
me realise my bike needs a serious service as the gears are all over
the shop and to start with my seat was too low and by the end of the
ride my butt seriously hurt!!! So before next big ride I’ll be making
sure everything is set up just perfectly.

On Monday I decided to try out a new Full body superset workout I
put together. It was great and I worked up a serious sweat, although as
soon as I finished my legs were already hurting, not a good sign. The
next day I could barely walk , the muscle soreness has been so bad all
this week. When I had to arm my door on Wednesday, just bending down
felt like pure torture, so this week I only managed a 6km run Sunday and
a 8km run Monday (before weights) and since them just the thought of
running makes me whince with pain. I’ve actually been pretty flat out
flying anyway but still managed a 9km & 5km power walk while away.
It’s been 4 days since my workout and I’m just starting to come good and
I should be doing it again soon! I’m actually hanging to go for a run
again as I just love the buzz I get and it burns a million more calories
in the same time frame as a good power walk does.

Also this week I’ve been blown away how EVERYTHING and I mean
EVERYTHING has sugar in it!! On the weekend I was trying to find a
decent muesli for Cam although every one I picked up had added sugar. I
just couldn’t understand why they need to add sugar to muesli especially
when it has dried fruit in it already.  So I decided I’d put together
my own muesli and became even more frustrated when I went to buy plain
old bran and it also has added sugar, good old All Bran has sugar in the
top 3 ingredients!!!! WHY…… So I gave up on the whole muesli thing
for now as it was just too frustrating!

I also noticed on the aircraft how much SUGAR people eat, on some
flights we serve quite tiny cups of tea/coffee and I still get people
asking for extra sugars. That means they are having 2-3 sugars in a
teeney weeney cup (no wonder everyone is getting so fat!).

Not too much exciting stuff happening with me, just busy flying this
week, Canberra last night, Hobart tonight and back to Sunny Cairns
tomorrow, yehaa!  Looking forward to having some time at home and get
into a bit of a routine (if such a thing exists for me). I’ve been
averaging 5-7 cardio’s a week and 1-3 weight sessions although my
nutrition has been getting a bit too relaxed again.  It’s so much easier
when I’m home and have a fridge and a kitchen rather than living out of
a tiny suitcase for days on end.

Anyway time for me to get organised for tomorrow, wakeup call is 4am!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week and welcome to all the new
clients who have joined Get Active Online this week (I hope you are all
getting yourself all organised to start).

Cheers, Hilds

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