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HildsWow, how quickly does 4 weeks go! Anyway today brings the end of my little 4 week challenge & I’m feeling good.

Over the past 4 weeks my goals were:

– Limit treats to one meal a week and 1 coffee out.

– 4 drinks a week

– Include 4 x weight sessions a week

– Drink 4L of water per day.

So how did I go?

Overall I am really happy with the last 4 weeks, they helped me to
get back into a good routine and stop me from creeping into lazy holiday
mode. I actually didn’t really feel deprived or that different but just
setting a few boundaries made the world of difference.

I managed to control my treats pretty well, maybe some weekends my
treat meal got a bit large or the extra cappaccinno snuck in but overall
I was pretty consistent and always managed to get myself back on track
the next day (as hard as it is after a few drinks).

I did see a bit of a pattern and I’d end up ALWAYS including a
couple extra drinks on the weekend. I’d most probably still like to cut
this back just a bit as I know it makes me struggle the next day and
having just 1 or 2 less would make a big difference.

I did notice that committing to 4 x weight sessions a week really
made me make them more of a priority. I manged to achieve 4 x weight
sessions every week except for one when I did three.

Even after just one month I’ve really noticed a HUGE improvment in
my strength and muscles. I’ve been doing lower repetitions, straight
sets and been supplementing with Creabolic Extreme which has really

I can’t really say how I went with the 4L of water as I didn’t
religiously keep track of it although it’s made me realise I do drink
alot and don’t really need to worry about it.

In 4 weeks I lost 9cm from various measurments and dropped 1.2kg. I
feel a lot better but the best thing is that it’s reminded me that I can
still move forward without feeling deprived.

I love my weekends with Cam and I love having a treat and a drink
and if I just keep it in control I can still do these things and feel
great. Although I have been reminded that if I want to make big changes
(like getting some abs!) the treats and drinks need to go completley,
although right now I’m much happier going a bit slower and enjoying the

The key is to work out what level of commitment YOU are prepared to
put in and be honest with youself. If you want SENSATIONAL results in a
short space of time then you need to realise that for a while you might
need to get a bit uncomfortable. Learn to know YOUR body and what works
for you and put in the level of effort YOU know works for you.

So where to from here! I’m just going to keep on going. I’ve learnt
that I can still make some good changes just by being a bit more aware
and not going overboard with the extras.

In 7 Weeks time I would like to be doing the 10km run in the Barossa
so right now my focus is back on making sure I include my 4 good
running sessions a week and keeping up with 3-4 good weight training

Anyway enough from me, you won’t have to listen to my rambling daily
from now on and I’ll try and come up with some more interesting info to
blog about.

Hope everyone is feeling great and doing the best that YOU can.

Cheers, Hilds

P.S Sorry about the dodgy pic, Cam took a quick snap before we went
to RPM but thought I better take one so I can keep comparing pics!

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