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DAY 26 & 27

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Having a lovely weekend although feeling a bit worse for wear after too much rich food and drinks last night.

FOOD: Pretty good although not as good as it has been during the
week. I’ve been reminded again that too little food early in the day
simply leads to eating too much at night. On both Friday and Saturday I
was out and about all day so didn’t really eat enough during the day.
Then by the time it came to night time I found myself heading for the
Almond Jar (maybe I should ban almonds from the house, he, he!)and with
the inclusion of a couple of drinks it’s so much harder to say no!
Alcohol really weakens your resovle to stay on track!!!!!!!

* Did you know just 10 almonds have 73 calories, about the same as a freddo frog!


FRIDAY: 60 MIN JOG – Had to do this on the treadmill as it has been
torrential rain up here at the moment. I did about 10.4km and burnt 563
calories, although the treadmill said I had burnt 900 (that’s why you DO
NOT go by what the cardio equipment says you’ve burnt, use a heart rate
monitor for accurate results!)

SATURDAY: RPM – The aircon was broken so it was VERY HOT in the
class and I think I sweated even more than usual!!! Did a short 2km jog
on the treadmill after class (Cam’s idea….) and burnt a total of 448

I’ve actually already reached my calories burnt target for the week
although I’m about to hit the streets for a run to get this yucky
feeling of too many drinks out of my system….. plus I’ve got weights
to do today!

WATER: Not enough!

DRINKS: 2 Red Wine Friday night & 4 Vodka and Soda’s last night.

TREATS: 2 x Cappa’s and a treat meal which included dessert, most probably too much for the one meal!

Anyway back on track this morning as I sit here motivating myself to go for a run……

Have a lovely Sunday.

Cheers, Hilds

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