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DAY 24 & 25

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Feeling so much better as the week goes on!!!

FOOD: Great, don’t know what’s happened but the last couple of days
have been so much easier. You know how some days are just plain hard and
other days seem so easy!! Not sure why but I much prefer the easy days.
Don’t get me wrong still a bit hungry at nights but not weakening to


Fantastic, loving my Garmin watch. It allows you to set goals and
I’ve set one to burn 3500 calories a week. After each session it records
what you’ve done and uploads it all to the computer. It’s been great to
see how my heart rate goes through different training sessions and if I
push myself as hard as it feels like I am.


CRUISE INTERVALS: 35 minutes running 5.62km 331 cals avg hr – 158 max hr – 180 (i thought I felt like I was dying!)

RPM EXTRESS: 39 minutes, 331 cals, avg hr- 141 max hr – 173

LAWN MOVING: 46 minutes, 1.62km, 174 cals avg hr – 107, max hr 125

(and that’s just the front lawn!!)


RPM EXPRESS: 38 minutes, 292 cals, avg hr 139, max hr 176

WEIGHTS & BAG WORK: 58 minutes, 235 calories, avg hr 109, max hr 172.

(The boxing really got my heart rate up, it was about 6 minute
rounds on the bag and it was torture, geez I hate Cam training me

* By the way don’t every think that the calories burnt on an
exercise machine is right!!! Today my heart rate monitor told me my
session burnt about 560cals and the treadmill told me it was 900, I
don’t think so!!!!

WATER: Can’t remember but always about 3L



Feeling great!!!!

Have a great weekend.

Cheers, Hilds

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