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DAY 23

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Tired today, although not suprising after going a bit crazy the day
before!!! Gotta learn to not overdo it in one day as it really doesn’t
get you anywhere!

FOOD: Pretty happy with my food. Was quite hungry and had to fight
it most of the day. Switched one of my meals for a protein bar (Oh my
god the Horley’s Low Carb Choc, coconut bars are to die for!!!). The
protein bar managed to keep me on track and stop me from having stuff I
knew I shouldn’t. It also felt like a bit of a treat and had it with a
coffee in the arvo before weights.


Wasn’t feeling like much today since I did too much the day before although knew weights had to be done.

WEIGHTS: Didn’t start them until 6pm which is late for me but it
turned out to be a sensational workout (expect when I hit Cam with a
Barbell, it was an accident, I promise!). I think not doing anything all
day gave me some more energy and I felt great during my workout.

WATER: About 3L


TREATS: None (well swapped a planned meal for a Protein Bar which was kinda like a treat)

Felt WAY better after training in the afternoon and had more energy
that night than I’d had all day. Just goes to show that even when you
REALLY don’t feel like doing anything a bit of exercise can really help.

* Get to play with my Garmin Forerunner tomorrow, I’ve never been so excited about running!!!

Have a great day!

Cheers, Hilds

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