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DAY 22

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Got back into it today! Wasn’t feeling very motivated to sit in the
office all day so ended up going a bit crazy with training (SILLY!)

FOOD: SPOT ON, first time I can say that in a while.


After pressing snooze 3 times I decided I HAD to get up and started
the day with a 50 minute Jog, felt great afterwards and glad I got up!

RPM EXPRESS: Wasn’t planning to do lunch time RPM although a friend
was going and I was OVER the office so thought I’d go! GREAT CLASS,
never seems to get easier.

WEIGHTS: Good session and suprisingly still making good improvments
although seem to have lost my mojo for weights a bit in the last few

RPM – yes, I know I shouldn’t have, but I’d planned to meet Cam at
the gym after work for RPM, nearly didn’t go but actually felt like
getting out of the house again and went anyway. Don’t think I worked
quite as hard as the lunch time class but was still a good workout.

As you can imagine felt a bit tired last night and enjoyed watching MKR final and Desperate Housewives!

WATER: About 4L



Good day but really shouldn’t have gone so silly with the cardio as i
know tomorrow I’ll be struggling!!!!! Glad my food was on track but for
some reason this week just feeling pretty average. One of those weeks
when you feel like you’ve gone back 10 steps instead of forward!!!

Another day down.

Cheers, Hilds

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