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DAY 19, 20, 21

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Sorry have been a bit slack on the blogging front, I’ve been out and about having a great time.

FOOD: Not too bad, really feel like I’m getting a bit complacent
though. Nothing really bad slipping in but I just know just not being as
spot on stops me from making progress. I’m not too stressed as one of
my major goals was to achieve consistency with my nutrition and I feel
like I’m doing that. I’ve been having a fabulous time on the weekends
without going overboard but a few extra drinks and an extra treat here
and there really does make a huge difference.

Friday night we went out for dinner to use another one of our 2 for 1
deals. I had 3 drinks and a salad (which was very dissapointing. I
don’t really think mixed lettuce with some chicken thrown on top is a
very good salad!) I came home and did some baking which I’d been hanging
out to do. I made a carmal coconut slice, oh my god was it good but
geez I understand why I don’t normally make these things as I was blown
away just how much sugar goes into make these things taste so good. I’m
packing the leftovers up so Cam can take it to work as I don’t need any
more sugar overload as it really seems to knock me around.

On Saturday went out for ANOTHER cappa and I had another couple of drinks on Sat night.

So as you can see these few extra things sneaking in are enough to
stop me from making progress. I’m not too stressed but it’s good to be
honest with yourself and acknowledge that even though you might be
REALLY good during the week if you let too many extras creep in over the
weekend it will stop you from moving forward.


Friday – 60 minute Jog, felt great and really enjoyed it. I think it
was this jog that motivated me to buy my new fancy Garmin watch!

Saturday – RPM – Awesome class, felt like I finally got the right resistance and got the speed right the whole time.

WEIGHTS & SWIM – Cam and I decided to do a quick weights session
(so I supersetted my exercises) and head straight to the pool for a few
laps. Geez am I bad at swimming!!! It’s been years since I’ve swam and
my breathing was all over the place. Anyway I suppose you have to start
somewhere, so I’ll keep persisting.

Felt absolutley shattered Sat night!

Sunday – Supposed to do WEIGHTS but after 3 hours in the garden I was a tad burnt and feeling a bit average!

(will need to work extra hard next week)

WATER: Heaps, although think I needed more on Sunday as wasn’t feeling too flash after being in the sun for so long.

DRINKS: 2 too many over the weekend.

TREATS: Extra Cappa, Cocunut Carmel Slice (or sugar slice!)plus 6 drinks over the weekend.


3 x WEIGHTS (mmm where’s the 4th session!)


1 X 60 MIN RUN






So as you can see I’m not being super strict but I’m SO HAPPY at the
moment. Cam and I have found a really nice balance at the moment and
enjoying getting into a few more hobbies. We have both bought some
mountain bike shoes & swimming goggles, Cam got a GPS for riding
outside and getting into some adventure sports and I’ve got my Garmin
Watch and new runners.

So we will be pretty busy finding the time to get out and about as much as we can.

Anyway I’m off to go laugh at Cam try and put his Mountain Bike
shoes on while riding his bike and not get stuck in the pedals when he
tries to stop!!!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

Cheers, Hilds

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