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DAY 17

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Pretty busy and tired this week! Have been struggling to get out of
bed so training has been moved to the afternoons! Weird as normally I
love training in the morning but its just not happening this week.

MOOD: Tired and busy but making sure I still get my training in.

FOOD: On track, although have decided to cut out Almonds as I really
struggle to not add a few extra here and there! I’m better off
including some kind of other good fat as it’s easier not too add extras.


RPM EXPRESS: Great lunch time class, felt half dead afterwards so must have been good!

NIGHT: WEIGHTS – Nearly put these off but knew I’d just have to play
catch up later in the week so ended up doing them quite late. Turned
out to be a good workout and as usual felt so much better afterwards.

WATER: LOTS although as I trained later than usual I drank way too
much late in the day and was up all night! (sorry too much info!)



Going pretty well although not feeling like I’m doing enough and
those little extras that creep into my nutrition really need to go! Am
tightening things up a bit more for the last part of my challenge just
to really notice some nice changes!

Cheers, Hilds

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