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DAY 15 & 16

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Monday was a bit of a struggle, was feeling really tired and hungry
all day. Decided to sleep in this morning and I obviously needed it and
feel heaps better today.


Monday was a struggle, just tired and pretty hungry all day. Made it
through the day but not one of my best days. Today has been so much
better, amazing what a good nights sleep will do.

FOOD: Alright on Monday although had too many almonds. Whenever I’m
tired I head straight for the pantry and unfortunatley yesterday the
hill didn’t win and the extra almonds did. Today has been heaps better
and so much easier after a good nights sleep.


MONDAY: Tempo Jog: Did my usual circuit although alternated between 5
minutes normal jogging and 4 minutes using about 80% effort (kinda like
the pace I’d want to run a 10km race in). It was a hard session but
proved to me I need to do this session regularly as it helps to increase
my running speed. Took 43 minutes all up and it was hard!

TUESDAY: WEIGHTS – Good session although skipped abs and will need to do it tomorrow.

HILL – Needed a bit of an easy day today to let the muscles recover so just went for a walk up the hill.

I have to learn to schedule in a few easier days here and there otherwise i find my body just ends up a bit too sore!

WATER: Pretty good. Still haven’t been taking exact notice of how much. I’ll try and remember tomorrow.



Overall not too bad although i’d like to have a few REALLY good days
this week so I can really move forward and feel like I’m making

Enough rambling for one night!

Have a great day.

Cheers, Hilds

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