DAY 14 - Get Active Online

DAY 14

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Back on track!


Feeling pretty good, although notice that I don’t feel as great
after so much rich food. Had to seriously motivate myself to get my last
weight session in as it was the LAST thing I felt like doing. This is
where I suppose I’ve learnt that even though you may not feel like it
sometimes you just need to suck it up and DO IT ANYWAY!

FOOD: Pretty good, had to force myself to get back on track as it
would have been easy to let the treats continue. After having chocolate
and treats the night before I just craved more although had to keep
reminding myself I’d had enough!!!!

TRAINING: WEIGHTS – As I mentioned had to force myself to do these
as I REALLY didnt’ feel like it but didn’t want to miss a session for
the week. Turned out to be a good session, not one of my best but good.

RPM – Now this was an effort!!! I’d planned to go to the new release
in the afternoon although all day I just wanted to find a way not to
go. Had actually decided not to go and then at the last minute realised
I’d actually feel better for it and went anyway. It was a fantastic
class and I LOVE the new release!!! Came home and felt great and
finished of with a Pepsi Max in the spa!!! Felt so much better for it
rather than indulging in more drinks and treats and feeling very averge
come Monday morning.

WATER: Most probably not enough.


TREATS:  1 x Cappa & 1 x Skinny Cow Ice-cream

Even though my weekend hasn’t been ideal I am still pretty happy
that I managed to get myself back on track and didn’t go too overboard.


Overall a good week. Not as good as my first as a few extras started
creeping in and the treat meal turned into a few more treats than

Did the following Training:

4 x Weights (yehaa!)

1 x 55 min Jog/Hill walk

1 x 10km Run

1 x Interval Session

1 x Hill Powerwalk

3 x RPM

I’m motivated to get my nutrition back on track this week and really
keep it clean and simple again. I’m tempted to try and go strict but it
makes more sense to get good at just being CONSISTENT first.

I hope everyones week is off to a great start!

Cheers, Hilds

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