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DAY 13

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Master Chef Cam....DAILY UPDATE:

Great day FUN wise although not the best on the nutrition front!


Feeling great but a bit sore. Started the day with RPM which was
great but my legs were screaming in pain the whole class. I think I was
just a bit sore after my treadmill session the day before.

FOOD: MMmmm, yummy but not the best! Started the day with Breakfast
out. I had poached eggs on 1 piece of grainy bread no butter and
peppermint tea (all good). Quite a nice breakie although still prefer my
chocolate oats and after RPM I was hanging for them!!! Anyway after
that the day was pretty good although had planned a treat meal which
turned into a few more treats throughout the day (chocolate biscuit and a
bit of easter egg). Made yummy homemade pizza (pics attached of master
chef Cam!). Just love making home made pizzas and the bases turned out
really well and were super yummy. No where near as bad as store bought
pizzas although not healthy either! Finished off with a Skinny Cow
Ice-cream as I didn’t feel (or couldn’t fit) much more in.

TRAINING: RPM – great class with Nettie, although I was in a world of pain the whole class!

WATER: Heaps

DRINKS: Mmmmm, 4 x Vodka & Soda. Had a couple more than planned.

TREATS:  Yes, lots!

Even though yesterday was far from a spot on day nutrition wise, I’m
ok with it. I felt like a few treats, I had them, enjoyed every little
bit and I’m feeling ok today and about to hit the gym. For sure
yesterday would have slowed my progress down a bit but I know that and
I’m ok with it. I would be frustrated if I’d really gone overboard and
not getting back on track but I’m about to hit the gym now and feeling

Hope everyone has a great Sunday.

Cheers, Hilds


Cam making a mess!

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