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DAY 10

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The day started out a bit average when my brand new computer monitor
decided not to work, although finished up ok without throwing my
computer out the window.


Was a bit frustrated as I’d planned a big day of catching up only to
discover my monitor wouldn’t work! I have another 3 laptops I could
have used although already downloaded my emails and couldn’t access
them, so just a tad annoyed. It actually reminded me how much I turn to
food when I’m stressed out. The first thing I thought was I need
something to eat although I’d just had breakie so really wasn’t hungry!
It all turned out ok and as I couldn’t do any work just yet (it was 7am
and computer shop wasn’t open) I decided to hit the gym instead and it
was such a stress relief, way better than pigging out.

FOOD: Ok, not as good as I would have liked. Just started adding in
some bigger portions again, would prepare my dinner and have some extra
chicken or let some extra almonds slip in. Haven’t gone off track but if
I continued on how I went yesterday i would end up not making much
progress, or very slow progress. I did find my appetite was huge due to
the combination of stress and 3 really hard training sessions. Anyway
made it through without any treats!


WEIGHTS: Great, still managing to increase weights which is
suprising me although think I might be stuck with the same weight next
week and focus a bit more on good form.

INTERVAL: Did this on the treadmill, 10 minute warmup (2 mins
walking, 8 mins jogging)Intervals of 50 second sprint, speed 15 and 30
second recovery. Cool down 10 minutes, jog/walk. Felt hard although
think I could have gone a bit faster but the treadmill I was on, only
went to 15 which I thought was strange as I’m sure they should go up to

RPM express: This was a great class although I counted and felt
every minute as my legs were a bit sore from the interval session. Don’t
think I’ll do two hard sessions in one day again.

WATER: Lots.



Just glad to make it through the day. Also realised how quickly 10
days goes and that you can feel so much better after such a short space
of time. Although I still want things to happen quickly and have to
remind myself I’m not going to change everything in just 10 days!!!!!

Have a great day everyone, I’m off to get some serious work done today as my office is a nighmare!

Cheers, Hilds

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