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Mind games!


Today was a big battle with the mind. It started early when my alarm
went off at 4:15am Cairns time. I thought I’d get my interval session
done early on the treadmill before flying home. Although as soon as that
alarm went off I was re-setting it before it had a chance to beep
again, it felt like the middle of  the night and I certainly wasn’t
feeling like hitting the gym!! Since I didn’t train yesterday I knew I
couldn’t use the rest day thing and really had to get my crap together.
So next plan of attack was to land at lunch time, change straight into
my gym clothes and hit the gym. Again didn’t happen, landed and just
wanted to get home, get my emails sorted and programs out and stop
stressing, so that’s what I did. Then all afternoon I’m trying to come
up with legitimate reasons why I can just be lazy. I thought I had been
away so it would be nice just to hang with Cam, I was a bit tired so
another days rest would be ok. Ultimatley I knew deep down if I didn’t
train I’d feel like a total slack bum and be grumpy with myself, so I
did what I always do! Put the gym clothes on, brewed the coffee, turned
the aircon on in the gym and made it happen!

FOOD: Pretty good, not spot on as I didn’t prepare anything for the
aircraft so just settled with a cup of tea and some nuts and waited
until I got home. Was pretty hungry all day until I got off my lazy bum
and did some training. I find I always want extras when I’m tired and
haven’t been out in the fresh air much.

TRAINING: AWESOME, so proud of myself! After having the coffee and
my creabolic extreme went down to the gym and got stuck into the boxing
bag! In no time at all I was ready to go and 2 hours later feeling
amazing. Did my weights session then headed up the hill, although jogged
from home which NEVER happens in the afternoon, walked up, jogged down
and kept jogging until my stop watch hit 55minutes. Got home drenched,
put the spa on and waited for Cam to come home from rpm. Felt amazing
and to think earlier that day I was finding every excuse possible not to

WATER: Lots.



Proved to myself once again that I can train in the afternoons and
doing something makes me feel so much better than justifying doing

Hope everyone has had a great day!

Cheers, Hilds

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