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Stressed, busy and tired! Sounds like a fun day, doesn’t it, he, he!


Was in Sydney for Emergency Procedures training which happens every 6
months. HATE IT, dread it, stress out every time but it’s never as bad
as I think it’s going to be. I suppose anything that you know you HAVE
TO PASS to be able to do your job is a bit scary. Anyway it was a huge
day, passed as I always do even though I stress every time and it wasn’t
too bad a day, just busy and long. Finished off with a MASSIVE headache
only to head back to my room to do a few hours work on the laptop!


Was pretty good considering I’d packed it all, although as I started
the day pretty early and felt like I could have ate more. The free
biscuits in my room were haunting me all night although i resisted and
ended up with a Salad off room service with my can of tuna thrown in.
The salad wasn’t “ideal” as it had a bit of fetta and olives and other
yummy stuff although I picked out a lot of it and just left enough to
keep me satisfied without going overboard and I didn’t touch the


ZILCH – REST DAY! Couldn’t bare the thought of pounding on the
treadmill with the headache and I’d trained 7 days straight so was quite
ok with having a rest day.

WATER:  Not enough during the course, most probably why I had a
headache, although drank a lot in the afternoon but again not my usual



Overall a pretty stressful day and so very busy. Monday’s are always
flat out for me and not ideal when I have to be in a course or fly all
day but I dealt with it and got through it. Having moments where I just
can’t be bothered but I know I’m making progress so just have to keep
plodding along!!!

Hope everyone is having a lovely calm, relaxing week (that’s how I hope mine turns out for the rest of the week).

Have a great day!

Cheers, Hilds

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