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Feeling good, which is fabulous after having a treat meal. It just goes to show I didn’t over do it.


Feeling positive and pretty happy that I have done all my training for the week and been so consistent with my nutrition.


Overall a great day! Food was a bit out as I didn’t have breakie
until after RPM so ended up missing a meal although made up for it with a
Jarrah Hot Chcolate that night which wasn’t on my plan.


RPM – Just love my Saturday morning RPM class, it’s the perfect way
to start the weekend. Cam, came along and it was a fabulous class
although as I didn’t eat before hand I was absolutley hanging for
breakfast by 9:30am!

Did weights in the afternoon after thinking of every way possible to
put them off until Sunday. Although I knew if I didn’t do them I’d be
annoyed at myself and struggling for time on Sunday as I was flying out.
It’s funny as once I was in the gym I LOVED IT! I even got Cam to come
in and train me at the end and I must say it was torture. It’s my own
fault as I asked for it, although after numerous burpees, pushups,
situps and punching I was ready to kill him, although had to bite my
tongue as I’d asked for it!

Felt SO HAPPY with myself afterwards as it meant I’d done all four
weight sessions for the week and managed to make some great improvments.

WATER:  Enough, can’t remember how much but know I’d had two litres by breakfast time.

DRINKS: 2 more Vodka and sodas. Could have easily had more but
knowing I’d set a limit of 4 for the week was great and stopped me from
having any more. It was perfect as it was just enough to enjoy a drink
although not too much that I wanted to eat junk and would feel yuk the
next day.

TREATS:  2 x Small Cappuccinos. Was only supposed to have one but
justified it because they were small ones although I know that I really
only should have had one (they tasted so good). Next week it will be one

So another day down and feeling good and it’s the weekend!!!!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

Cheers, Hilds

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