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Lovely Day!


Felt pretty good, a bit tired but knowing it was Friday and the
weekend was ahead helped. Feeling good that I’ve managed to have a great
week and it’s starting to become routine now!


Great, 2 extra almonds slipped in but the rest of the day was spot on and I even had my treat meal, and it was good!


Started early with my Sprint Training. Felt really good and finished
no 10 sprint in the same time I did number 1. Heart rate was screaming
but then I worked out why it was saying I was burning a zillion
calories, it was still set on Cam’s stats, bugger! (wish I burnt that
many calories in a session!).

Lunch time: WEIGHTS, again felt great, really strong and nearly went
up in all my weights. I think the consistency with doing the same
routine and the creatine is making a big difference.

WATER:  Lots! Sorry I didn’t count exatly but knew I’d had at least
3L in water bottles plus lots of glasses throughout the day.

DRINKS: 2 yummy Vodka and Soda’s with fresh lime – My favourite and yes they were good!

TREATS:  Decided to use my Treat meal and Cam and I went out for
dinner. We’ve bought this pack of cards which contains 52 different
cards with 52 different restaurants offering 2 for 1 deals so we thought
we’d better start using them. Chose to go to one of our favourties
“Coolums on the Beach”. It was lovely, had some cob loaf with dukkha and
Olive Oil to start and had Atlantic Salmon, Asian Greens and Chat
potato for main. It was super yummy although my main wasn’t too much
different from something I’d normally have, maybe just without the
potatoes and a bit less oil. I can’t seem to go past Salmon on a menu as
it’s my favourite. Finished off with a small bit of chocolate at home!

So overall a great day, really enjoyed my treat but didn’t feel I
went crazy and enjoyed every mouthful. Feeling a bit tired this morning
but I think it’s just coz I’ve had a busy week. I’m sure I’ll be feeling
a million dollars once Cam and I finish Spin.

Anyway gotta fly the class starts in half an hour!

Have a great day!


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