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Stuggled, but survived!


Felt pretty good mentally although just physically tired today. I
might need to schedule Thursday’s in as a bit of a recovery day so I
don’t get to the end of the week and feel like I’ve hit a wall!


Had to really force myself not to slip back into some bad habits
today. Kept wanting to pick all day. My meals were a bit thrown out due
to lack of preparation so I ended up having breakfast and 2 snacks
instead of a snack and lunch. This made a huge difference as my lunch is
a HUGE tuna salad and I love it (pic above), and not having a really
satisfying meal until later in the day made me a bit hungry. Ended up
having a pretty good day although a few extra oats and chicken breast
started to creep in so focussing on getting the portions spot on again
today! Shopping has been done and I have enough salad supplies to feed
an army, so should be all good today.


Planned to catch up with a girlfriend and her bub for a walk this morning so wanted to squeeze in some of my own cardio first.

5km Run- Headed down the Esplanade for a 5km run. It’s great because
it’s all marked out and such a lovely setting. Did my run in 29
minutes, wanted to do it faster but that was hard. Next time I might try
and have some fuel in my tank before doing this as I really want to get
quicker at it. My heart rate was WAY over for this run but I was on a
mission and didn’t feel like I was going to die so kept going. Next time
I WILL be quicker….

POWERWALK: Then went back and did the 5km again but this time walked
it with Liss and Riely (the cutest baby in the world, can you tell I’m
getting clucky!) Liss, pushed the pram and did a fabulous job and 49
minutes later we’d had a big chat and a good walk!

I had scheduled my third weight session for the week but really
needed an afternoon free from training. I knew I could make it up over
the next 3 days so wasn’t too concerned. Will hit the weights today.

WATER:  Seemed ok, gotta start taking notice of how many containers I
actuallly drink. Also when I go walking should start to carry water!



Just glad I survived it through yesterday. It was one of those days
where it all just feels hard but knowing I got through it I feel a
million dollars today. Anyway time to hit the streets and get my
Interval Session out the way.

Have a great day!

Cheers, Hilds

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