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Tired!!!! I don’t like getting up at 3:15am!


Well as you can tell I was a little tired today although I wasn’t
half as bad as I normally am getting up that early as I had a snooze
when I got to work.  This morning when I woke up, sorry should I say
middle of the night I was starting to feel a bit better for eating a lot
leaner & cleaner this week. Although by the time the afternoon hit I
was feeling a bit weary and just felt like crawling up on the couch,
although I forced those gym clothes on and got outside and went walking
instead. It reminded me how much I LOVE going for an afternoon walk. One
minute you can feeling like sleeping on the couch and raiding the
pantry and then after going for a walk I’m on top of the world! Amazing
what getting outside in the fresh air, oops I meant humidity (was a bit
wet by the time I got home).


All good, just goes to show what the power of the mind can do. When
you want something badly enough you seem to be able to resist
temptation. Was a bit hungry in the afternoon but knew it was just
because I was tired, nothing a good walk didn’t fix.


As I had to start early and only found out last night I had to move
my training around and ended up doing an rpm class at lunch time instead
of my interval run this morning.

RPM was great and had an awesome instructor who just turns out to be a figure competitor, so very inspiring!

HILL POWERWALK (50 mins): Hit my favourtie hill for an afternoon
walk. Really pushed myself on the way up and felt great! Walking for me
is just nice and even when I’m hiking up a hill I find it relaxing
(yeah, I’m strange). Cam, won’t go walking with me anymore as he doesn’t
like the pace I keep and I get frustrated as he just wants to stroll
and I don’t know how to stroll (maybe that’s my all or nothing
personality coming out, he, he).

WATER:  Not enough! Never seem to drink enough when I’m in the
office (airport office that is!) Still most probably about 2.5-3L.



Another day down and feeling better and better as the days go by.
It’s also helping so much knowing I’m kept a bit accountable, thanks for
all the emails and comments it really does help.

P.S Great to hear from you Cass, love ya lots and I hope you’re going really well too.

Hope everyone else is having a fabulous week.

Cheers, Hilds

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