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Second day down and I’m feeling better already!


Started today much more positive than Monday as I was feeling pretty
good after really cleaning up my nutrition and having a great day
yesterday. It really proves to me the impact clean eating has on my mood
(makes me a much nicer wife!)


Great, no picking or extras. Can happily say I’ve stuck to my 20
little almonds per day and not one extra. Normally I’m in the almond jar
picking throughout the day, although not anymore! I have found I’ve
really had to keep myself busy and fight the urge to add some extras and
it really does make a big difference. I’m weighing all my food and it’s
all been on track. I do find the evenings a bit tough as on weight
training days I have no meal after dinner and just having a cup of tea
instead.  Today as I’m not weight training I get to have my usual post
workout shake as an extra evening meal, mmmm can’t wait!


Always great, love my exercise (my happy drug!)

Got up early and completed my Steady State Jog. Just did 45 minutes
jogging keeping my heart rate between 75-83%, I found I felt a bit heavy
yesterday while running but I feel I could push myself a bit harder. I
think on these runs I could happily keep my heart rate around 80% and
feel and complete my circuit a bit quicker than usual.

Lunch – WEIGHTS, another sensational workout. I’m really enjoying
the simple straight sets and really seeing how heavy I can go. I’ve also
been taking Creabolic Extreme which gives me a bit of a buzz before
weights and seems to be helping me improve in the weight department. I
might get Cam to help out with a weight routine on the weekend as I find
it pushes me that bit harder and sets some new limits I can try and
achive on my own.

WATER:  Not sure of the actual amount but I couldn’t stop going to
the toilet so I’m sure it was enough! I’ve also been having lots of this
herbal tea mix I’ve found and absolutley love. It’s a blend of
peppermint, green tea and some other things and tastes so nice! I make
up a pot and have it sitting on the desk and just keep drinking it.



So after 2 days I’m feeling so much better and very determined to
make it through my 4 week challenge with some big changes! Just testing
out our new program to be released soon – 4 WEEK BLITZ!

Have a great day!

Cheers, Hilds

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