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Hilds Chicken Stirfry DAILY UPDATE:

So I made it through day 1! Not too much different from any other
week day although I REALLY watched my portion sizes and as such had to
fight off a bit of hunger yesterday. Although that’s pretty normal after
getting back on track after a weekend of having a few too many treats.


Started the day feeling very average as I’d just had too many treats
and drinks on the weekend which left me feeling a bit down on Monday
morning. I suppose this is what kicked me into gear to tighten things up
and make some changes. When I don’t eat really well I feel like crap
and it’s just not worth it!  By the end of the day I was feeling so much
better and I could tell my mood was heaps better as I knew that I was
taking the steps needed to get where I wanted to be. Even finished the
day off in the outdoor spa relaxing with Cam (don’t worry no drinks were


Fantastic, spot on! Well maybe I did have 1 extra cup of tea and a
teaspoon of Cam’s Skinny Cow Ice-Cream (bugger they’re not on my plan!)
but overall a great day. I was feeling a bit hungry throughout the day
but most of it was just habit as I’d just eaten and knew I wasn’t really
hungry so I just kept myself occupied and drank LOTS of water.  I
finished off the day with my yummy Chicken Stirfry (pic above)


Awesome! 6am Sprint Training, jog to oval (about 13 minutes),
stretch then complete 10 sprints from goal post to goal posts with 30
second standing recovery in between.  Got my heart rate up to 93% max
and it was HARD. Finished off with an easy jog home, all done in about
33 minutes. (even did it with spectators as our local oval has some die
hard remote control plane flying people who get up early to fly their
little remote control planes, I think there was about six out there. I’m
sure they must think I’m a total freak running up and down but I don’t
really care!)

Lunch – Rpm Express Class, went with a friend and it was good to
catch up although the instructor wasn’t the best and as such I didn’t
feel like it was one of my best efforts although still got a good
workout in. (I know I shouldn’t blame the instructor but she was quite

Afternoon – Weights, I’m doing a 2 day split consisting of straight
sets, 6-8 reps and big compound movements. Great workout took about 50

WATER:  About 4L (not exactly sure but I know I was peeing all day, so it must have been lots, he, he)



One day down and feeling better already! I hope everyone’s week is going well.

Cheers, Hilds

P.S Thanks Kim, Jess & Pip for your comments. Great to know I’m
not alone and well done to all of you guys as you are all doing REALLY
well for yourselves!

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