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Views over Airlie Beach! Sounds like fun doesn’t it! Oh my god what a weekend!

Cam & I had a fantastic time on our little overnight adventure although I think I just may have over done it!!!

I started early on Saturday morning as I wanted to fit in my hour
jog (couldn’t miss a session). Atlhough later that day when i had been
climbing continously for about 2 hours with a big back pack on I was
thinking the extra sleep might have been a better option.

Cam & I just did one day of the Great Whitsunday walk. We didn’t
have time to do the whole 3 day walk so we decided to just walk in and
out again. So we started the walk from the end point. It souonds like a
lovely walk when you do it in the order you are suppose to although the
way in which we did it meant a day of going up hill!!!!!

So silly me wore my hiking shoes which haven’t been worn for a
couple of years and it didn’t take long for the blisters to set in! The
fact that we were heading up a mountain with a big backpack on didn’t
help either. I could feel every muscle in my butt and legs after just
five minutes, you can just imagine how I’m feeling today!

Anyway it was a challenging day, to say the least and it didn’t take
long for that red wine to find my cup at the end of the day! I must say
the climbing was well worth it as the camp site was sensational and we
had views right over Airlie Beach. The weather was also great and I
wasn’t half as cold as I expected to be (maybe it was all the red wine I

The hardest part of day two was putting on my shoes (not nice when
you have blisters) and finding the energy to put my pack on again! Once
we were off and moving the walk back was so much easier, obviously
mainly down hill!!!

So today I am shattered! I’m feeling just a bit run down after my
very hectic week last week and our very energetic weekend. So today the
plan is to catch up on all office stuff and just do as little as

I’ve got to get my energy back to normal pretty quickly as this week
I have some challenging running sessions planned, lets hope the
blisters disappear and I can walk without looking all hunched over!

I hope everyone else had a lovely weekend and did a bit more relaxing than me!

Cheers, Hilds


Lunch stop (Mmm, where's that chocolate!)

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