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Cam & I are off bushwalking this weekend! We’ve finally got all our
stuff together and some how managed to fit it all in our backpacks, and
off on an overnight walk in the morning.

We’ve been wanting to head off for a while now although have been
missing quite a bit of stuff, but thanks to my fabulous Dad who posted
up a whole backpack full of goodies we are ready to go (I hope!).

So I’ve spent the day racing around like a mad woman. I’ve been flat
out with new clients this week and also been trying to make sure we’ve
got all of our goodies ready for our hike.

I also had to re-arrange my training a bit this week. As I’m a bit
of a obsessive freak and can’t fathom the idea of missing one of my
running session (when I get given a plan I like to really follow it,
plus the thought of running a Marathon is freaking me out a bit!). So I
had to move my long run forward and did it yesterday. I’m very proud to
say that I jogged (very slowly) for 2 hours and 20 minutes! That’s the
longest I’ve ever run and I must say I was feeling it afterwards!

So I’ve had a rest day today as I have to squeeze in my last 1 hour
jog in the morning before we head off. I’m thinking by the time I get to
camp tomorrow night I’ll be really looking forward to that red wine and
big block of chocolate I’ve hidden in my pack!!! Cam’s crazy leaving me
in charge of the chocolate, hope he doesn’t want any, he,he!

Anyway time for me to get organised and get some some sleep (need to
get as much good sleep in as possible as I’ll be freezing my butt off
in a tent tomorrow night!).

So if you happen to email me this weekend, I’m not ignoring you but simply out enjoying the great outdoors!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Luv, Hilds

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