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Gym, Pool, Swimming, Reading, Eating & Drinking! Perfect!
That’s how my days have been panning out at the moment. I normally get
up have some breakie and coffee, check emails and sit on the balcony for
a while until I feel motivated enough to stoll over to the gym, sweat
to death in the gym. Back to the pool for a swim following by some
serious laying by the pool, build up an appetite and head to the beach
restaurant for lunch, back to the pool for more swimming and laying
about (squeeze in a bit of work on the laptop!), rolls around to about
4, time to think about a drink on the balcony and then out for dinner,
it’s a hard life in Thailand, I just love holidays!

Today I’ve got a couple of new programs to do and then I’m off to
the gym and we are actually heading into Pattaya to have a bit of a
browse around town. Songkran, water festival starts today in Pattaya so I
imagine we will be getting a little wet! Lots of water gets thrown
around and it can actually get quite dangerous especially when you are
hanging on to the back of a baht bus for dear life and get drenched in
water, should be fun. The other day we went down to the shopping centre
and had to get a baht bus, kinda like a ute with a canopy that they
squeeze as many people into as possible. You wouldn’t believe it but
they fitted about 30 of us in it, we were standing on the back and I’m
just glad Cam was behind me as I seriously felt like I was going to fall

Anyway enough from me today, I hope everyone is having a lovely week and got some exciting stuff planned for the weekend!

(sorry if I don’t reply straight away to your emails as I can only seem to get on the internet in the mornings!)

Take Care,


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