Kim Success Story

Kim 12 Week Body Transformation Success Story

At the start of this year I was at breaking point.  I was very overweight and unhappy and had started eating even more food to make myself feel

It was the first few days in January when I had eaten all of the chocolate in the house and went down to the shop to buy some more  when I thought to myself “what am I doing?… enough is enough!” and instead of going to the chocolate isle I went over to the magazine isle and bought a copy of Oxygen Mag.  After signing up that day with Hilde from Get Active Online I have never looked back.

When I emailed Hilds 12 weeks ago and said to her “I’ve finally got fed up with myself and my excuses and need a serious kick up the butt to get back into shape”,

I never really imagined that I would be where I am today.  One of my major goals was “to be able to wear bathers…
no… a bikini…to the beach instead of shorts and a t-shirt”. 

And I am very proud to say that I have achieved it!  Please, if you are reading this and need motivation to make a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE to your
emotional stability and attitude towards life, then JUST GO FOR IT. 

If I can do it with 2 small children, my own business, and some very bad eating habits then anyone can. 


You will be amazed at what you will learn about yourself on your journey. 

I had no idea before I started my 12 week challenge that I turn to food when things get tough.  I have tried countless weight loss programs before and always given up after a few weeks because one bad day turned into two, and then before I knew it 6 months had passed and I was really unhappy again, still overweight and looking for the next way to lose weight. 

Signing up with Get Active Online has been the single best decision that I have made for myself and my family in a very long time.

Hilds has been an amazing support and it was being accountable to reporting in every week that made the difference for me.

I had A LOT of bad days along the way as I journeyed through all of the emotional reasons why I had ended up in such bad shape in the first place.  I am so grateful that I had Hilds to talk to and with her help, to work out the situations that triggered my binge eating. 

She gave me constant encouragement when the same situations came up again and again and helped me to get better each time at recognising it, dealing with it and then changing my response so that I didn’t turn to food.  This is a lifelong lifestyle change to the role that food has in my life and for this I can never thank you enough Hilds.

If I could give one bit of advice it would be don’t just focus on your end goal because this takes time.  Focus on today, how you feel right now, your better mood and self esteem and getting more stuff done on your post workout high! 

Be super organised each day, get your workout clothes ready the night before, even have the table set for the kids breakfast and their clothes out ready the night before and your breakfast all laid out ready to go.  That way when your alarm goes off in the morning, jump out of bed and go for it.  You have done all of your planning so the rest is up to you to make the right choices and stay on track.  You just have to schedule your workouts and meals in and tick them off as you complete them throughout the day.  Get up every morning, focus on what you need to do that day, do your best, and your
goal will take care of itself.  It really is that simple.

EVERY DAY, including today, matters. 

Don’t make excuses, make the time instead to form new habits in your life and push yourself past what you think you can do. 


If you have a bad day and fall off the wagon, so what, learn from it, get back on track the next day and keep moving forward.  Before you even realise it you will be on the other side of your goal and looking to set new ones!!!

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