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Lana's awesome transformation!

Lana's 12 Week Body Transformation

Lana small
To put into words my weight loss journey would have to start from long ago.

I was always quite a fit, skinny kid even into teenage years. But depression and facing some personal challenges resulted in weight gain and unnecessary over eating.  This has gone on for years but with a lot of masking my depression I continued on making sure that others didn’t know how much I struggled.

At the age of 32 I became a single mum. I was surrounded by a great network of friends and family but it was not my healthiest existence. All my social events were based around food and drinking. My weight continued to balloon. My depression medication masked my feelings. 

I am now 38 and my weight at the start of this year was 120kg (177cm Tall). My now 6 year old son and I have just made the big move to QLD in Feb.  This was a great opportunity to get my health back on track. Once I arrive in Cairns I knew it was time for me to focus on ME!

Sounds selfish doesn’t it? But if I was to be the best mum and the healthier version of me then I needed to make some serious changes. I no longer had the excuses I use to make. I couldn’t blame anyone. I couldn’t just be plain lazy anymore. It was all going to change. Enter Cam and Hilde.

My first goal when I got to Cairns was to find a fitness group. I didn’t have to search for too long. I contacted Hilde. But this journey didn’t get off to an immediate start. I had tried to go of my anti-depressants and it didn’t go so well. I kept delaying meeting Cam and Hilde.

Thankfully for me Hilde and Cam didn’t give up on me. I eventually met them both and was blown away by the most friendly, caring and approachable team. 

I committed to a Get Your Sexy Back program.

IT WAS FANTASTIC!! I was on my way. And I have never looking back. 9mths in 13 kilos down and endless cm…I feel amazing.
I now do PT sessions with Cam and attend afternoon sessions. It hasn’t been an easy journey and I have hit some roadblocks, illnesses and down days along the way, but Hilde and Cam have never stopped supporting and encouraging me to keep moving. They are more than just personal trainers. They are a two people who have a passion for helping others, making you feel important and cared for. They are in for the long haul but ultimately it is up to you to make the changes, control what goes into your body, and communicate honestly about your challenges. They understand the struggles and the demons that some of us fight daily.

There is no magic pill to making these changes. You just have to find a support network like Cam and Hilde but mostly you need to find the fight within you to be prepared to take on such changes. You’re worth it.

So finally, through sickness, being a single parent, single income, depression and making a major change to my life, I am achieving great things and will continue lose weight, gain strength, improved mental health but most importantly gain a self-esteem worthy of who I am. 

Thanks Cam and Hilde for being more than just a trainer but humans who understand and care.Lana before & after frontLana Before & After Pictures


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