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My Biggest Challenge Yet!

Hilde and Braden

My Biggest challenge yet!

Everyone who knows me knows I love a challenge, although this is one I didn’t want.

Two weeks ago, I got the news you don’t want to hear… ‘you have cancer’.

I have been diagnosed with early Breast Cancer. It’s been a stressful few weeks as the waiting to know if you have cancer is pure torture. So, I have become one of those 55 people who get diagnosed with Breast cancer every day in Australia.

It’s funny how the numbers don’t really mean much until it’s you.

So anyway, I’m a sharing type of person, hence why I’m blogging about this. I’ve told a lot of people in my life, as talking really does help me and I struggle to keep things in, although a downside of telling the world that you have cancer is the worry, advice and endless conversations that come with it.

It’s been quite draining although lovely to know I’m surrounded by so many amazing people. 

When you are told you have cancer, it is like your life is just turned upside down but the positive is that all of a sudden you have absolute clarity on what is important, what you do and don’t like about your life.

What it has made me really grateful for is, I love my life, I have an AMAZING family, truly beautiful friends, I love my businesses and what I do for ‘work’. I truly feel grateful.

So, this year hasn’t quite started as I’d planned. After what could only be described as a ‘hell’ year last year it looks like I need my strength more than ever before. I must admit I’m trying really hard to stay positive and most of the time I am.

One of the hardest parts so far has been telling Braden. After losing his Grandma last year to Cancer I was so worried about how he would take it, but I felt like he needed to know as he picks up on everything that’s going on and I’d rather he hear it from me than someone at school. He took it ok as we explained that Cancer is different for everyone, and I’m lucky that I’ve got mine early and it’s small. I think he just needs to see I’m doing ok and he’s ok. He’s such an amazing kid! 

So, for now, I’m just trying to stay positive, for sure I have my moments, I get upset, I get worried but I also know I can beat this and I am determined to come out of this the healthiest I have ever been. In saying that, I may have eaten my bodyweight in chocolate the last few weeks, but who’s looking back 😂.

I still don’t know exactly what my journey will look like just yet. I’ve got more tests to go to determine the best surgery for me and as they keep telling me, it’s just one step at a time.

I am also grateful for my amazing McGrath Breast Care Nurse Diedre. Knowing I have someone to call when I have questions makes such a difference.

So, from here it’s just staying positive, life goes on, it doesn’t stop for Cancer.

If you want to do something for me – Go check your boobs or follow up any health issues you might be having!! Getting diagnosed early really does help.

If you need a reminder to ensure you are living a life you love, THIS IS IT. Don’t wait for something like this to happen to you, motivate yourself to make changes now.  

I’m going to be fine .



I’m doing the 55 Squat Challenge this month, you can sponsor me there.

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Comments (4)

Beautiful written, you share your feelings and thoughts so well. xx

Thanks Sarah. Love you!

Hey Hilde I have every confidence that you will beat this you are one of the strongest women I know.. thinking of you during this difficult time .. Lee

Thanks for your lovely comment Lee. It sure does test your strength but I know I can beat it! I hope you are doing well. ❤ Hilds

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