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Hilde Hamstring injury

I’m just going to start out with it….

Sometimes life can be shit, downright hard and it can take every bit of your strength to stay positive and keep going.

Well, that was me last week.

I think it all just got too much. After a year dealing with breast cancer treatment and all the hospital appointments that go with it, I had finally experienced one week of ‘getting back into it’, I nearly felt normal, ha, ha. I was eating well, back into my exercise.

I was on fire, then….

I’m at Bootcamp instructing, not even doing any exercises and I slipped, yep that simple and there goes my hamstring. I could tell when it happened it wasn’t good. I felt pain all the way down my leg and all the way right into my glute. I couldn’t move. I just laid on the ground with my ice pack for the rest of the session while the bootcampers kept being their awesome selves and kept the session going.

Hilde Back into it


It hit me, I wasn’t going to be able to do much for a while.


Sorry, only way to describe it. I was doing everything in my power to stay positive, combat the shitty side effects of the medication I’m on and here I was laying on the ground thinking “are you fucking serious”.

Anyway, I got up and managed to get home and make it to the couch and office chair where I didn’t move much all week.


Hilde Hamstring injury
It was a tough week.
Without my exercise, the side effects of the medication seemed worse.
Without much movement, I struggled to stay positive.
Without my positive mindset, eating well felt hard.
I just felt like crying!

It was a massive reminder WHY I got into fitness, why I built Get Active Online.

I can’t describe how amazing eating well and exercise makes me FEEL.

But going through this journey has made me realise there is so much more to great health.

Trying to eat well and exercise on top of a crappy lifestyle is like trying to put a band aid on a big open wound. It just doesn’t work.

It’s like taking a shit tonne of supplements, hoping it will fix everything.

After my fall, I realised I HAD to rest.

I was instructed to take Epson salt baths.

I had to RELAX.

This might sound good, but for someone who FEELS better when they move, it’s a challenge.

Laying around felt uncomfortable.

I just wanted to do stuff.

Then I realised that this is ONE MASSIVE area I need to work on.

I’ve read all the books.

I know how crappy stress is.

I know the effects stress has but have I really made big enough changes in my life to make a difference to my health?

I can’t answer that, but I know I can do more.

Now, I’m not saying we should all lay around all the time, because exercise and nutrition are also vital in optimal health, but the key is FINDING A BALANCE.

So, this is what I’m doing.


Every day there needs to be a focus on:

  • Including a relaxing activity, this might be a bath (who knows I might become a bath person), reading, or simply sitting outside in the sun for 30 minutes, catching up with a friend.
  • Include as much nutrient dense food in my diet. REAL FOOD! Improve my gut health.
  • Include activity that challenges my muscles and cardiovascular system that makes me feel BETTER afterwards (not exhausted).
  • Get 8 hours sleep.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Eat my meals AWAY from a screen (no more lunch at my desk).

It’s not rocket science but for many of us it can be hard as it requires effort. It requires a change in your lifestyle. I’m excited to make the changes as my mission is to be truly healthy and feel energetic and vibrant again.

It’s been a while…..

So, here I am. In some ways I feel like I’m starting over in my health journey.

The good news is I have a shit tonne of knowledge and know there is no fad, quick fix but FINDING WHAT WORKS FOR ME.

Remember, it’s never to late to change.

If you’re killing yourself in a job that would replace you in a flash – LEAVE.

If you’re not happy with how you look, make changes to improve your diet and just start moving more.

If you’re not around people who inspire and lift you up, find a new tribe!

One amazing part of life is we ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE.

A choice on decisions we make and a choice on how we respond.
Make great choices and you’ll instantly improve the quality of your life!

Today, my choice was to get back in the gym and exercise again. I did upper body exercise and it FELT AMAZING. It was so good I cried. That’s why I exercise.

This afternoon I’m going shopping with my little man and I’ll also have a bath and some reading in there.

Feels good already.

Have an amazing day and remember, it’s never, ever too late to improve your lifestyle and become the person you want to be.

❤ Hilds

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Oh Hilde, I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this. Life can be so tough at times. Do you have long chats with your Mum? She’s a very good listener and you may find you feel a sense of peace afterwards. I used to love a good chat with Your Mum. I had to smile at your comment on relaxing baths. Your mum and my mum were experts at quiet relaxing baths! You’re a doer and you want to get this all fixed but maybe your body is saying, slowdown and let me heal. Find a balance so you can enjoy being fit and strong as well as giving yourself quiet time too. Big hugsXX.

Thanks Aunti Gill. I definitley have lots of chats with Mum and never thought I’d become a bath person but I’m on my way. Don’t think I’ll ever match Mum’s time in the bath but I get why she enjoyed it so much now.

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