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JESSICA LENEHANI was slowing falling into a depressive rut. With my partner away for a
week at a time I found that I was staying home isolating myself and just
binge eating. I would do things like eat a packet of Tim Tams in one
sitting then when I finished I would get in my car and drive to the
corner shop (which is a five minute walk from my house) and would buy more and it wouldn’t stop there.

As I started to put on the weight and when my clothes didn’t fit I
would get depressed and not want to go out – and would make up excuses
to get out of things.

My breaking point came when I came home from shopping one day and
noticed that I had a big split in the back of my pants. It was then I
realised how unhappy I was and that things needed to change.

I heard about Get Active Online through a very good friend of mine
who had completed a 12 week challenge from Hilde earlier on. I saw her
pictures and they where amazing. She had a massive smile on her face and
truly looked proud of her gorgeous body.

It was then and after talking to my partner that I decided that
things needed to change before they got too out of control. so I singed
up for the 12 Week Challenge.

I had a lot of bad habit’s that I needed to break and I needed to
start to believe in myself. Hilde helped me do that. She stayed positive
and pulled me back in line when I needed it. She helped me realise that
I can have the body I want if I truly believe I can. Granted I had to
put in the hard work to get there. But now that I have I’m not looking
back. I have a new outlook on life. I’m smiling again and feel amazing.
Eating great healthy food and exercising everyday is something I do now
because it makes me feel wonderful.

My advice for anyone who is thinking about doing one of Get Actives
programs is GO FOR IT!! You have nothing to loose and everything to
gain. Stop making excuses because although they may settle the mind for a
little while the reality is still there. I’m not going to tell you its
all easy going. Its hard to break old habits that you have been living
by for so long – and push yourself to new limits. But I can tell you
that the end result are so worth it!! Seeing the change and being able
to fit into old clothes and them being a bit loose makes you feel great.
Life is to short to sit back be miserable and watch it pass you by.
Take control of it, and take what is yours and what you deserve.

Thank you to Get Active Online, Hilde and Cam for not only helping
me change on the outside and inside, but for also giving me the courage
to step outside my comfort zone and showing me a new way of life

Be Happy and Smile – Jess

Jessica Before Picture Jessica Before Picture side Jessica Before Picture Jessica After Pic

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