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MAGGIE McNEIL I have always been a very active person and as I have food allergies, I
have been quite conscious of my diet. I was planning on going on a
holiday to Thailand and wanted to shed a few kilos and tone up to look
good in a bikini, so I started exercising and watching what I ate. A few
kilos came off, however it seemed that although I was leading a fairly
healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly I wasn’t achieving the
results I was after.

A girlfriend of mine, Liss, did the program with Hilds and Cam a few
years ago and her results were amazing! (Her success story is on the
site also). I spoke to her and a few other mutual friends and got the
low down on her program and she inspired me to

get in touch with Hilde. Liss made sure I had no illusions of this
being a fluffy program and that although there would be a lot of hard
work, the benefits would be fantastic. AND SHE WAS RIGHT!

I have a hectic schedule so I liked the idea of a personalised
program and not having to join a gym or do a group class etc. as after a
big day at work I just wanted to do my workout and not have to drive
home, just be there. The 12 week course seemed to be the best option for
me. My motivation was high as I booked my tickets to Thailand and
joined Get Active.

It was strange at first eating every couple of hours and I felt like
it was too much, however when I started getting into the training it
all balanced out and I was never hungry. I even had sweets like skinny
cow ice creams that a few friends are now hooked on because of me hehe.

When I first joined I didn’t know how I could cope with my social
lifestyle and cutting alcohol out. I soon found that I could go out and
enjoy myself without drinking, which surprised my friends and family.
Not wasting my weekends hungover was a great bonus and I figured that
three months wasn’t that much in the whole scheme of things.

I’m not going to say that the program was easy, I often thought
Hilde was straight out of Boot Camp. However this is exactly what I
needed! Someone who wasn’t going to listen to my excuses, as if you are
truly committed to something you should be prepared for all situations
that are thrown your way.

The results are addictive and each week I would push myself a little
harder to do an extra lap or build up the time in which I could jog. It
was also a huge boost to receive praise from the General each week as I
proudly submitted my progress 😉

It definitely was worth all the sweat, aches and pains when I went
down to the beach on my last day of my program and did my photoshoot. I
knew that I had toned up, but it wasn’t until the wonderful Julie Vold
showed me the photos that she had taken of me, that I had no problems
with wearing a bikini on my holidays. To top it off I even went to a
friend’s themed birthday party in a Halle Berry styled cat woman outfit!
I don’t normally take compliments that well, however I appreciated that
all my hard work had paid off and was glad to be acknowledged.

It has been really nice to have friends and family tell me that I
have inspired them to get fitter and healthy. Perhaps some I have
disheartened, when I tell them that there is no secret, it’s just
exercising regularly and eating well, no pills or potions hehe.

I want to say a big thank you to Hilde for motivating me to see the
big picture and giving me the confidence to achieve my goals. I loved
the program and was addicted to the results! I learned a lot about me
also, half way through the program I realised that the “bikini body”
wasn’t really what I was after, but that it was a good stepping stone to
help me find out what I really wanted. I want to be fit and toned and
Get Active has given me the skills to continue with my new lifestyle


Maggie Before Pic Maggie After Pic Maggie After pic 2 Maggie Before Back Pic Maggie After Pic 3 STUNNING! Maggie after pic 7

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