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Kristy Margetts After PicKRISTY’S STORY:

Since High School I’ve been overweight and on and off diets. The
last few years I’ve tried really hard to lose weight, even deciding to
train and run a half marathon. I thought that would really move the
weight, but no matter how hard I tried I would still manage to eat more
than I burnt and either maintain or gain weight.

A friend suggested we sign up to do Hilds 12 week Results program
together, so I emailed Hilds asking why doing her program would be any
different from any of the other programs I’ve done. She replied very
honestly and advised me I had to believe in myself and know that I can
lose weight. I decided to think about it for a few days and get back to

It was one night I was sitting in my lounge room, almost finished my
second large packet of crisps, when I realised this wasn’t the way I
wanted my life to be. I didn’t like the way my life was going as food
was all I looked forward to all day everyday, lollies, chips and
chocolate and training was almost non existent. So I signed up right
there and then and made a commitment to myself to do everything she
asked me.I was determined to succeed this time and to do that I had to
get uncomfortable and do something different. Anthony Robinns says “If
you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”
It was time to change my habits and my life.

A few days later I received my program and I loved it. It was easy
to understand, no calorie counting, one treat meal a week and the
training was very flexible. As I’m vegetarian I found it a little
challenging as my main protein options were tofu, eggs and cottage
cheese, but in the end I found it easier having less choice and enjoyed
experiementing with new recipes. I also got to have dessert every night
of the 12 week program, which made it so much easier for me to stay

I had a couple of occassions where I had really strong cravings in
the supermarket or video store, and the mental games started. It was a
conversation with my devil telling me “a few party mix lollies won’t
hurt as you’ve been so good”, but then the angel would remind me “you
have a skinny cow ice cream at home waiting and you love them”. In the
end I ran to the checkout or counter so I could get away from the
lollies. Once I was home I had forgotten about the lollies and enjoyed
slowly eating my ice cream.

A few weeks in I was feeling some doubt so I emailed Hilds asking
what the difference was between me and the other people who had
successfully transformed themselves, and she said the only difference
between me and them was that they believed in themselves.

I have really enjoyed the challenge, never felt deprived and love my
weekend on plan pancakes. I actually feel a little sad it is over, but I
don’t think much is going to change. I have signed up to do a
maintenance program with Hilds to ensure that I learn how to keep off
the weight I have lost, which is really important to me. I can happily
say that I am the smallest and lightest I have ever been as an Adult and
I feel fantastic. I feel strong and powerful, I am running my second
half marathon mid October and taking swimming lessons so next year I can
complete my first triathlon.


LOST 51.5cm from 6 different sites.

* Kristy has also gone on to run her second half marathon and knocked a good 10minutes of her time! Well done Kristy.


Kristy Before Front Pic Kristy Front After Pic Kristy Side Before Shot Kristy Side After shot

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