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Despite attempting a 12 Week Challenge in the past I was not going
to give up on myself, I was determined to succeed this time and achieve
the body I deserved and desired.

I was tired of hearing myself make excuses, failed relationship,
change of jobs, house, they go on and on and they were all getting old.

In the past I would give up after a few weeks but not this time. I
enlisted the help of an online personal trainer, Hilde from
getactiveonline and it was then my journey commenced.

It took a couple of weeks for me to really get into the swing of it
and when I fell off the wagon Hilde asked ‘what my motivation and
inspiration was’ and that is when I ‘got it’ something in me roused and I
reminded myself of why I was doing this when I felt like giving in to
temptation. I could be inspired by someone I saw training, or my
boyfriends 30th or just the sense of pride and accomplishment in
realising a dream I have held onto for years. I didnt want to be the
same person I had been since I was a teen forever struggling with my
weight. I was never consistant in the past and if I tripped up I would
then tell myself that I had blown it and I might as well throw in the
towel but this time it was different. I would not give up on my dream of
being fit healthy and having the body I deserved.

With Hilde I learnt my triggers and how to change my thought
patterns when faced with temptation and soon new habits became forming. I
started learning from my mistakes, ensuring I was well prepared for my
meals and organised my training for the week ahead. I left nothing to
chance, no more excuses. I would ask myself if it would really be worth
it if I missed a training session or ate something that wasnt part of my
plan and each time the answer was ‘no’. I suddenly felt empowered as I
had control of my mind and body. Only I am responsible for the choices I
make and the person I want to be.

Ths new mindset has spilled out in other areas of my life, my
personal and professional relationships have all benefited. I have the
power to be the best I can be and it feels fantstic to have that
knowledge. Being fit and healthy and having a great body doesnt have to
be hard , its only as hard as you choose to make it.

I  wasnt perfect, I allowed myself the odd planned treat and I made
sure I enjoyed them and didnt attach guilt to it. Knowing that I had
control was enlightening, as in the past if I knew I coudnt have
something that made the desire even stronger. I looked forward to my
workouts and when I trained I trained hard, I didnt see the pont of just
going through the motions, if I was at the gym I was going to make it
worth my while.

Without being conscience of it I had started creating positive
affirmations and began to love myself and had ceased the internal battle
I had within me from my teens. I was eating clean good food and plenty
of it (I wasnt starving myself and was actually surprised by the
quantity) and the body I had always wanted was emerging.

I was fortunate to have a great support network. I could email Hilde
anytime and she always knew how to get the best out of me. My boyfriend
was there to encourage me when I felt low and steered me in the right
direction If I veered off the track. Even my work mates followed my
progress and made me laugh which reminded me to keep my sense of humour
throughout the process.

If I could give any advise that would be never to give up, it doesnt
matter how many times you have attempted to get the body you dreamed of
or anything else that your heart truly desires  as it could be the next
attempt when you dream is finally realised. My joureny has been an eye
opener to say the least and I would urge anyone who is toying with the
idea to sign up for the challenge to just do it as you have nothing to
lose and only hopes and aspirations to fulfil.

I have even signed up for another 12 weeks with Hilde and am
considering in competing next year, I have new goals to attain now as I
now know there is nothing you cant achieve if I want it enough.


EMAIL : hilde@getactiveonline.com

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