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My Name is Dianne and I am 47 years old.  I started the 12-week
challenge with Hilde over 24 weeks ago.  Not that I have been doing it
for 24 weeks.  But I have had a couple

of cracks at trying to get this right.  The first time, I only made
it half way before I became sick.  Trying to do too much, trying to run
the business, (I own a pub); trying to be a mum to my twin boys, and a
loving partner to my other half Darren as well as trying to find some me
time for exercise.  I fell into a big heap.  My body going through
heaps of changes and hormones running rampant.  So the perfectionist
that I am, and my head saying, “If you can’t do this properly – Don’t do
it at all” So I didn’t and gained all the weight I had lost in the 6
weeks. Depressed about what I was doing and where I was heading, I
contacted Hilde to tell her my deepest thoughts, Thank you  Hilde.  She
helped guide me to setting some serious goals, but I also knew that my
biggest problem was my mind.  I had to get past the self talk, so I
figured if I learnt a new mindset, train my brain, like you train your
muscles I could crack my problem.

So I downloaded all my motivational cds onto my ipod.  (I am a big
Anthony Robbins fan) and off I set each morning.  I listened to those
cds every day.  I trained my brain to think differently about food.  You
see I have always used food to calm me down when I have been stressed,
kind of like anaesthetising myself.  The hardest part for me is that I
do all the cooking in the hotel.  Surrounded by food all the time.  I
also am a vegetarian, don’t be fooled that vegetarians are healthy.  I
for one was not.  I loved sugar and I love bread.  I would say addicted
to sugar so that had to go and the bread.  Surprisingly the cravings
stopped.  I started feeling heaps better, getting better night’s sleep,
having more energy to do my work and do my exercise. My hormones seemed
to settle.  No more hot and cold flushes through the middle of the
night.  My skin got clearer and my moods seem to mellow out.  I seemed
less stressed with life.   I also knew that I always start off great
with anything new and then I hit a plateau about mid way, and start
doubting myself and get annoyed that the scale isn’t moving. I was ready
to hit the wall, but this time I found it didn’t come.   That was one
thing Hilde told me to do.  “Don’t weigh yourself every week”.  The
scale can lie.  It’s not a reflection of how you are doing.  So I
stopped weighing myself.

I think the biggest thing for me, has been my mindset.  Changing it was my challenge.

I knew how to eat healthy; I know what is good for you.  I knew what
foods not to eat. The only thing I had to do was stop making poor
eating choices and using food to make myself feel better. I had to get
to route of my problems and see why I used food to make myself feel
good.  Food was what I used to cope.  A comforting thing.  Of course it
was short lived, and soon I’d feel depressed about the way I looked.  So
I had to start looking deep within myself and start asking myself why I
do what I do, then I discovered  that the  one thing that stops us
achieving what we want in life is the story we keep telling to
ourselves, as to why we can’t have it.  Once I learnt that, the rest
became easy.  The secret was to make a decision to change and to grow
past the limiting beliefs I held about myself to be able to change. The
past does not equal the future, so I stopped telling myself that I was
going to fail like  I had done before and with Hilde’s help I feel I
have achieved that.  I am still a work in progress.  After all there is
still the perfectionist in me to achieve better legs.

Thank you Hilde for your support.  I love the personal touch you have with your clients.

And the speed in which you always replied.  I loved the fact that I
could email you on any day of the week and you were there with support
and encouragement.  I tell everybody about GET ACTIVE ONLINE.    Dianne

EMAIL : hilde@getactiveonline.com

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