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FAT and unattractive is how I felt.

How could I expect my partner Graeme to love me when I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror? “FAT”

My weight gain began in December 2007 when I got a rare bug in Fiji
that affected my sinuses. I just couldn’t breathe let alone train. After
many doctors’ visits and refusal to believe that I had an allergy, we
found a specialist who booked me in for immediate sinus surgery. Prior
to this weight gain I was self confident, proud of my body and fitness
levels. I had already come a long way going from a size 14 to a size 10 a
few years earlier. I was disappointed with myself.

Three months of recovery saw me back at the gym. YEAH!!

By this time I had gained over 10 kilos and lost my self esteem. Gym
was excruciatingly difficult and no matter what I did I couldn’t loose
anymore than 3 kilos. I had lost that spark. Then I injured my left
shoulder during a house move. This was just another hindrance however I
took it on the chin and started my cardio regime.

I have always eaten very well however I knew that alcohol was a huge
contributing factor. In desperation I joined Jenny Craig and found that
after about a month I really disliked the food. It was very expensive
and I only managed to lose 5 kilos.

I knew I needed to lose 10-12 kilos, I wasn’t enjoying gym anymore, I lacked energy and I felt depressed.

One day while chatting with a wonderful lady at gym she mentioned
GetActiveOnline and how Hilde was helping her reach her goals. So I
contacted Hilde and she became my mentor. I gave up alcohol 2 weeks
before I started my 12 week challenge and lost 3 kilos. WOW! Imagine how
much I could lose if I give up the alcohol altogether. I was excited.

Hilde taught me the nutrition lessons of what to eat to maximise my
training sessions and the importance of weighing everything. And under
Hilde’s guidance I pushed myself further in cardio than I had ever
believed was possible.

My old belief was that as a short person I couldn’t run fast, now I
run like the wind and enjoy it. I am now fit again, energetic, loving
life and more importantly I love myself. I am looking forward to my next
12 week challenge.

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