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Frustrated!  This is where I was at.  For the last 18 months my
husband and I had been religiously getting up at 4.30 every morning to
go to the gym and watching what we ate, and yet I still looked like one
of those oompa loompa’s straight from the chocolate factory (all
thighs).  I remember when we had been going for only a few month’s and
Jason dropped 10 kilos just like that.  When I jumped on the scales, it
showed that I had only lost .2 of a kilo.  Not fair!  I was a lot more
careful with my meals than him and I was going for extra walks in the

I would read everything I could get my hands on that might shine
some light on what I was doing wrong.  This was when I came across Lee
Horton’s story about how she got herself into amazing shape in just 12
weeks.  I had met Lee and her online trainer, Hilde at our gym not long
before this.  After many conversations with Hilde, I was satisfied that
her approach to diet and exercise was very balanced and healthy; a
lifestyle that I could incorporate for a lifetime.  It wasn’t just a

This was really important to me, because as a teenager through to
my early thirties, I had spent about 15 years battling with anorexia
and bulimia and being treated for the associated anxiety and depression.
Often hospitalized, once for 6 months when my weight fell into the low
40 kilo’s.

I had won this fight and have maintained a healthy weight for
over eight years now and with the amazing support of my husband, have
learnt to just be myself, instead of trying to be what I thought others
wanted me to be.

For me, doing this 12 week challenge was about doing something
for myself.  It was more about improving my fitness and wellbeing and
changing my shape.  Losing weight was never really my goal.

Once I made up my mind to start, nothing could stop me.  Hilde
had given me the plan.  All I had to do was follow it.  I learnt that
the thing that was going to work for me was increasing the intensity of
my cardio and weight sessions.  Working harder, but for shorter periods
of time.  I loved the feeling of satisfaction I got when I was able to
run up the hill, which is the lookout for our town or to be able to get
through a spin class and know that I had put in my best effort.

I really enjoyed the eating plan as well.  Yummy, healthy food
that I love, every 2-3 hours to keep my energy levels up all day. I’ve
never felt better.  We would also treat ourselves to whatever we felt
like on a Saturday night, which would usually be a nice bottle of red
wine, pizza and chocolate or we would go out for dinner.

My weight dropped an average of ½ kilo a week, but I was more
excited about the changes to my shape (no more oompa loompa thighs).  I
now feel comfortable in my own skin and love feeling fit.  I feel better
at 42 than I did at 22.  Jason loves that I am much happier and
positive as well.

I am so grateful that Hilde focused as much on what was going on
in my head as she did the physical.  She wouldn’t allow me to say
negative things about myself and taught me to accept compliments with a
simple “Thank-you”, instead of always replying with a counteractive,
negative remark about myself.

I am a huge believer in always having goals, so completing this
12 week challenge has just been a springboard for me to achieve many
more goals and to really live my best life: Healthy, fit and happy.

Lynne's Before Pic

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