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Petina WalshI have struggled with my weights since a child, fluctuating between a
size 12 and 18. Having 2 very slim sisters, this depressed me to no end. I only ever made it to a size 12 and whenever I got there, it never
lasted. I had always tried fad diets and I could never maintain my
weight for very long. I always put on more weight than I started with.

Since getting married in 2006, I ballooned to 83 kg and size 16
jeans were uncomfortable. I was told by my doctor that I had Polycystic
Ovary Syndrome which may cause problems with falling pregnant. She told
me to lose weight.  I knew I had to do something but was at a loss as to

My husband and I visited my best friend Hilde for New Years Eve.
Hilde runs Get Active Online, an internet based nutrition and training
business which specialises in 12 week programs. I could see how their
life style choices affected their lives in such a positive way and was
determined to give it my best shot. Hilde created a personalised
nutrition and training programme with regular check-ins and plenty of
advice and loads of encouragement. This really made me accountable for
every slip up. The knowledge of how to make the right choices for the
rest of my life was the most important thing I gained from the
programme.  I was surprised at how misled I had been in regards to
leading a healthy lifestyle.

I have been a Commercial Pilot for 5 years. When I started the
programme, I was flying on Fraser Island 4-5 days a week for 10 hours a
day. I came up with every excuse under the sun to not stick to the
programme but Hilde had a solution for every excuse I came up with.
Organisation was really the key. I packed my days meals in the morning
and stayed away from the bakery and cafes on Fraser Island. The hardest
part was being disciplined enough to go to the gym after working
outdoors for 10 hours. I quickly found that the gym was a great stress
reliever after a long day and really looked forward to it.

I am now studying full-time for the next stage in flying career. It
is important for me to stay fit and healthy for my career as well as
increasing my chances of having a family. The 12 Week Body Blitz
Challenge is just the beginning. With help from Get Active Online, I
have planned the next 6 weeks of nutrition and training and my husband
wants to join me on my journey to a happier, healthier life with
hopefully a family in the near future.

Petina Walsh Petina Walsh Petina Walsh

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