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Elissa WatsfordGet Active Online, Cam and Hilde, are fantastic! They encouraged and supported me to amaze myself by achieving the healthiest body, and most positive mind I have ever had. With their constant guidence, I really felt part of a team that all had the same goal in mind – making me feel and look the way I had initially throught was an unrealistic dream. I completed a 12 week Body Blitz challenge.

Talk about scary to begin with – I had never “completed” anything in
my life – always great at starting things (diets, health kicks, plans)
but with no real results after a week or two, I’d be back to square one,
or worse… then I got in touch with Hilde, and after seeing her before
and after shots of her own 12 week challenge, and hearing her
enthusiasm, I wanted in! Cam and Hilde were great, breaking down the 12
weeks into realistic chunks a week at a time, and the occasional day at a
time – I got results in the first week – I did what i was told – I
trusted their programs and advice – and before I knew it – I was
transforming into someone I really liked. What I found comforting was
that both of my “teammates” Cam and Hilde understood reality too. We
were able to encorporate my social life into my plan, a wine on the
weekends was enjoyed as my little congratulations each week. I also
realised that you really get out what you put in – eat, sleep, exercise
and think positive and you will achieve your dreams. Get Active Online
have the tools, experience, support and passion for life to get you

Live your dreams! Elissa

Elissa Watsford Elissa Watsford

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