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The Roller-Coaster of Life, Fitness and Weight.

The-Roller-coaster-of-LIFE-FITNESS-WEIGHT (Demo)

Have you found your weight fluctuating over the years?

One minute you are feeling amazing and the next you’re wondering why your clothes don’t fit.

Don’t worry, you are not alone!

For someone who has been into fitness for years, I still have my ups and downs, and the reality is, IT IS NORMAL.

Life, fitness, and weight are not a flat line.

What I have found coaching women for the past 12 years is that we are REALLY hard on ourselves.

We have this expectation that we should always maintain a certain level of fitness and easily maintain our weight, otherwise we must be a failure.

We get embarrassed when we gain weight.

We should know better.

Guess what, shit happens…..

Life can get busy, stressful, and bad shit happens.

I’m not a machine and either are you.

We have emotions, we all deal with things differently.

When I’m stressed, I eat!

Others might lose weight.

When my life is too busy, I feel flat and struggle with energy to exercise.

What I want to help you with today is realising it’s NORMAL to have ups and downs and what you can do about it.

First step, STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP. You are not a machine, it’s normal to have ups and downs.

Next step is to be AWARE of your life and it’s impacts on your health and well being.

I know when my life is busy and stressful, I struggle to eat well and keep up my exercise. Until I change my situation there is no point consistently beating myself up about struggling to eat well and exercise.

First, I need to CHANGE my situation.

This is what I’ve done at the moment. My life has been out of control for the last couple of years.  I was working full time, running Bootcamp, studying and setting up a business. It was all for a reason as I wanted to create more flexibility in my life but in the process my life was SHIT. I look back at how busy I was, and it was crazy!

It’s no wonder my fitness decreased and my waistline increased.

The good news is that I have completed my study, my business is set-up, I quit my job and it’s all paying off. The cost of achieving all of this has been my personal health and fitness.

Years ago, I would beat myself up about this but now I realise that something had to give and at the time that’s what I CHOSE to let slide.

Now, my focus is getting my fitness and energy back!!!! SLOWING DOWN, finding time for my exercise, eating well and most importantly my family and friends.

I don’t beat myself up.

If I can get one message across to all the women out there it is – TO BE KIND TO OURSELVES. Speak nicely to yourself. STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP.

EVERYONE has ups and downs. It’s how we mange these ups and downs that is important.

When your life is in chaos trying to add more (sticking to a diet or rigid exercise plan) is not the answer.

You need to BE AWARE of your situation. Acknowledge what REALLY needs to change. If you’re struggling with losing weight but your life is manic, it might be your lifestyle that needs to change first.

Most importantly be ok with the ups and downs.

Recently I’ve had quite a few of my old online clients come back to me. They have worked with me years ago and they need some help again.


I love hearing about what they have been up to. Some have had kids, others recovering from illnesses, life got busy. They know they need some support again to make some changes.

They reach out for help. IT’S AWESOME.

I don’t judge and think why have they gained weight?

I know life has it’s ups and downs and we all go through phases where we need some support. My old clients know first-hand the difference having support and accountability makes. They are ready to make some changes and want to put everything in place to make it happen.


So, if you’ve had your ups and downs and you’re at the point where you are ready to change.


Second step – Acknowledge what needs to change.

Third step – Get the support you need to make it happen!

Let’s all start speaking NICELY to ourselves!!!!



Love, Hilds

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