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Cairns Personal Trainer with client on TRX straps

As a Cairns personal trainer with over 20 years of client training experience, I absolutely love working with middle-aged clients. You know, the ones who have just started to realise their bodies are slowing down, maybe they are not as active as they use to be, and that perhaps it’s time to engage the services of an experienced local personal trainer to help them look and feel fantastic.

If that sounds like you, fear not, for I have been exactly where you are now. I’m cracking into my mid 50s and have a deep understanding and appreciation of why right now is the best time to get yourself a good personal trainer and start the exciting journey of the rest of your life.

Unless you’re in absolute denial, we all know that as we age, our bodies change. As a result, it’s so beneficial, if not essential to have a customised fitness plan that’s tailored to your individual needs that will help you navigate the next 40 years or so. In this article, I’ll be discussing my top ten benefits of working with a personal trainer if you are aged over 40.

Cairns personal trainer with client

1.Personalised Fitness Plan

When you work with a local personal trainer in Cairns, they will create a fitness plan that’s tailored to your individual needs, taking into account your age, fitness level, and any health concerns you may have. Your personalised plan will ensure that you get the most out of your workouts, without risking injury or overtraining. Remember, the older we get, the harder it generally is to bounce back from injury….. it’s a bit like hangovers!

2.Reduced Risk of Injury

As mentioned above, our bodies become more prone to injuries as we age, and it’s crucial to exercise safely to avoid getting hurt. A Cairns personal trainer will teach you the proper form and technique for each exercise, reducing your risk of injury. They will also modify exercises to accommodate any physical limitations you may have.

As well as training my amazing PT clients, I also run a Cairns Bootcamp where the ages range from late 20s to mid 60s. As you can imaging, there’s a fair amount of keen Bootcampers carrying existing injuries, therefore it’s commonplace to observe a variety of exercise modifications during each session.

3.Increased Flexibility and Mobility

Hands up (all us old farts) those of us who creak and groan when we get out of bed in the morning. Our muscles and joints can become stiff and inflexible as we age, making it challenging to perform everyday activities. Not that us northerners suffer the same experience as our southern kin. It rarely actually gets cold here in Cairns, with a frosty winter’s morning dropping to around 12 degrees at night. In any event, it doesn’t stop me from being climatically ‘soft’, so speaking from personal experience, my day begins with some hip, back and neck rotations before climbing out of bed. Trust me, it makes the world of difference.

Working with a personal trainer can significantly help increase your flexibility and mobility, making it easier to move around and perform daily tasks. While your morning stretching routine will always be beneficial, you might just start to feel young again when bouncing out of bed.

4.Improved Balance and Stability

Balance and stability tend to decline over time, making us more prone to falls and injuries. A personal trainer can incorporate exercises that focus on improving your balance and stability, reducing your risk of falls and injuries.

This is of critical importance for older populations, more so for females, as they are generally more prone to suffering with osteoporosis.

Personal training in Cairns studio

5.Increased Strength and Muscle Mass

As we age, we lose muscle mass and strength, which can lead to a decrease in mobility and independence. You can see how it all ties together, right? Decreased muscular strength, increased body fat levels, increased fatigue, lack of balance and stability…… it’s not somewhere we want to be unless we absolutely have no choice!

Your local Cairns personal trainer can help you build strength and muscle mass, making it easier to perform everyday activities and maintain your independence.

6.Weight Management

This topic is perhaps the most annoying for many of us. Changes in our metabolisms and lifestyles can make it really, really hard to maintain a healthy weight AND enjoy life at the same time. I mean, who wants to obsess about a few extra kilos at the expense of an enjoyable social life. Over the many years of running our Cairns bootcamp in Trinity Park, we have coined the term ‘Lifestylers’, meaning that we love to work hard, train hard AND enjoy the odd beverage and cheese platter on the weekends.

If this sounds like you, a Get Active personal trainer in Cairns can help you develop a workout plan that incorporates both strength training and cardiovascular exercise, which can help you manage your weight, improve your overall health AND have a great time in the process.

7.Improved Cardiovascular Health

During the aging process, our cardiovascular health can decline, making it more challenging to perform everyday activities. For those with genetic and hereditary predispositions to CV health issues, they tend to become more apparent as we age. A personal trainer can create a workout plan that focuses on improving your cardiovascular health, which can reduce your risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular-related conditions.

8.Accountability and Motivation

One of the most significant benefits of working with a personal trainer is the accountability and motivation they provide. As a Cairns personal trainer with over 20 years of experience, I can relate and respond well to push-backs from clients around nutrition and perceived abilities. I am passionate about keeping my PT clients on track with their training and nutrition goals, providing them with the support and motivation they need to keep going.

9.Education and Guidance from your Cairns Personal Trainer

An experienced personal trainer can provide you with education and guidance on proper nutrition, sleep, and stress management. They can also help you set realistic goals and create a plan to achieve them. Why not contact Get Active Personal Training in Cairns and discover how they can help you reach your personal health and fitness goals.

10.Increased Confidence

Working with a personal trainer can help increase your confidence, both inside and outside of the gym. As you see progress and reach your fitness goals, you’ll feel more confident in your abilities and in your overall health and well-being.

So there you have it, if you are over 40 years old, working with a local Cairns personal trainer can provide you with numerous benefits, including:

  • a personalised fitness plan
  • reduced risk of injury
  • increased flexibility and mobility
  • improved balance and stability
  • increased strength and muscle mass
  • weight management
  • improved cardiovascular health
  • accountability and motivation
  • education and guidance
  • increased confidence

Ready to take control of your health and fitness? Speak with Cam at Get Active Personal Training in Cairns today.