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Why I nearly gave up on the fitness industry……

Why I nearly gave up on the fitness industry

why I nearly gave up on the fitness industry?


Hi everyone, it’s been a while between posts!

Life got busy, REALLY busy for a while and I’m just feeling like I can breathe again.

I really want to get back into my blogging but didn’t really know where to start, so I thought I’d begin with where I’m at with all things fitness!

Ten years ago I started Get Active Online and remember being so passionate about the Fitness Industry. I’d put my hand up for any event that came by and my business was built on pure passion and hard work. I wasn’t in it for the money, status or to make myself look good on social media. I just honestly LOVED helping people.

I had personally experienced how much exercise and eating well had helped me mentally over the years that I really just wanted to help other people experience the same.

If you haven’t followed me previously, I suffered depression on and off throughout the years and the thing that really changed my life was exercise and eating well. The change in my mood after a good exercise session was amazing, and the effects it had on changing my body were an added bonus. I wanted to share this with others, I wanted to help as many people realise they can FEEL great as well! 

So, that was the start…….

For years, I ran Get Active Online while working as a Flight Attendant at the same time. In 2014 I took a voluntary redundancy from Qantas and embarked full time in the Fitness Industry. This is what I had always wanted, so I thought at the time.

It didn’t take long and I had set up a Personal Training studio, shortly afterwards a Bootcamp and things were growing fast. The business grew quite quickly and soon my husband and I were working in it full time with 5 staff, 2 locations and lots of sessions to run.

Things got busy, REALLY busy. I was working early mornings, late night all with a young child (Braden was 5 at the time). The more I got involved in the fitness industry the more I started to see a side I didn’t like and I started to question whether I should be in it.

Social media had grown massively and everyone was becoming the next fitness expert. Fitness professionals were building their business from posting selfies and seemed more concerned with themselves than truly helping others. I’d experienced a few trainers close to me quite blatantly try and steal clients or simply copy your programs.  I honestly didn’t like what I was surrounded by. Instead of everyone working together and just focusing on their niche, everyone was out to get everyone else and it was more about having a big following than helping people.

During this time my personal exercise suffered. I was so busy training clients and helping others that I didn’t do much to help myself. I was exhausted and pretty burnt out (I’ll talk about Adrenal Fatigue in another blog). It was also around this time my son was diagnosed with Autism. This is when I really took a big step back and questioned everything we were doing.

Starting a business was all about working in a field we were passionate about and creating a nice life for our family,  although the opposite was happening. My son was struggling, we were all exhausted and I questioned what for?

For me this was a really, really tough stage, something I thought I had always wanted was turning out to be my worst nightmare. Initially, I felt like walking away from it all, never having anything to do with fitness again. I questioned “WHY” I was doing it and I knew what I needed to do.

Cam & I made the decision to shut down our personal training/group fitness studios and focus just on the elements we really enjoyed and could manage. This meant we kept Bootcamp and the Online training. We didn’t want to be working morning and night and not spending any time together or with our son. We also wanted to train ourselves again and get our personal passion for fitness back. You really can’t help others, if you’re not looking after yourself!
The exciting news after a long and hard journey, it’s back!!!!! I have my passion back but more than ever it’s about being TRUE TO ME. I’m not trying to be anyone else, I’ll never be a selfie queen. Quite shit at taking selfies actually, ha, ha.

At 42, fitness for me is about FEELING GOOD and doing the things that make this happen. Exercise makes me feel more energetic and strong.
I also believe there are so many different ways to achieve the results you’re after.Not everyone should eat the same way. It’s about finding what works for you. Same goes with training. If you like riding and hate running, don’t run! Find what you enjoy and works for you.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt over the years about fitness is that we ARE ALL DIFFERENT!!!! I’m encouraging you to FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.
I’m back and it feels good.

Bring on the Forties and feeling the best I ever have!!!

Have an awesome weekend.
Cheers, Hilds

Main Photo – Brady and myself on our recent little holiday getaway which we now have time for!!!

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