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Why the scale isn't always right

Hi everyone! I must say I’m having a great week. I can’t describe how good it is to be full steam back into my training and back on track with my nutrition.

Anyway, I thought it was appropriate to write about my love/hate
relationship with the scales as I finally braved them this morning!

I’ve discovered that most people are either obsessed with the scales and weigh themselves daily or the complete opposite and absolutley fear putting a foot near a set!

I’m most probably one to want to avoid the scales although they do have a purpose (occassionally).

I find most clients obsess about this number on the scale without realising what it can actually mean.

One day you jump on and the number makes you smile, whereas the next you are tearing your hair out wondering how you put on 2kg overnight!

This is where we need to realise that the scale doesn’t just measure fat! It measures everything, so if you have endulged in a “treat meal”,
or had a lot of salt, drank a lot of water or not enough water, it may be that time of the month or you just haven’t been to the toilet (I know
too much information!) but all of these things affect that number that seems to really mess with peoples heads!

Don’t get me wrong the scale does have it’s place. It can be a good measure of overall progress (especially if you are quite overweight).

Although we need to look at it objectively and take it for what it is –
one measure of your progress!

I always suggest taking measurments, seeing how your clothes fit, checking your body fat and using a range of methods to monitor your
progress rather than just a number on the scale.

I still find it amazing how many clients lose lots of cm’s from all over their body but are devestated that the scale didn’t move that week…..

Would you prefer to be smaller, more toned and fit into those skinny jeans or see a magic number on the scale! (only you know the answer to that!). 

So, what I recommend is if you are someone who really “needs” to jump on that scale every day, learn to be objective.

If you are following your trianing & nutrition plan and honestly doing everything you need to things will be happening, be patient and keep doing what you need to do because you are making progress. 

Also remember never, ever compare yourself to someone else! What your friend weighs is not a good indicator of what you should weigh. If you are weight training and building muscle then it is highly likely you will weigh more although look a hell of a lot better.

So today the scale was nice to me! Although I have been training my butt of and eating really clean. Also after the last month I have had it really doesn’t have a choice but to go down, especially as my hormones start to even out.

One lesson I have learnt is I “always” take my measurments before jumping on the scale as they give me a far better guide of my progress and then I can look at the number on the scale objectively!

Although I do know that for me watching that scale go down is a very slow process and I just need to keep doing what I’m doing and things
will happen……….

Have a great day!

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