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You can do it, You are worth it!

We ALL have our challenges, but what I’ve learnt over the years is that challenges can be overcome so much easier when you have support, and you are honest with yourself about what needs to change.


I need you to read this……

I was just out on my morning walk, listening to a podcast and I got inspired to share this message.

The podcast was talking about being vulnerable and how often so many of us are scared to open up and be vulnerable and how this can really stop us from moving forward.

I’ve seen it over the years, so many women I’ve coached have these high expectations of themselves. They feel they should be able to do it all and they give themselves a hard time when they feel like they can’t be ‘perfect’.

The reality is no one is perfect, NO ONE. Although, in todays’ society we are made to feel differently. You just have to jump on Instagram and see all the picture-perfect poses, what makes me sad is that women are comparing themselves to this.

I know the truth, I’ve seen it, the photoshoots, the hours of makeup, it’s not REAL. Some of these women spend 4 hours a day coming up with Instagram posts, YEP, I was blown away when I heard it myself. Who has time for that shit? 🤷‍♀️

Anyway, my message to you today is that it’s ok to be YOU, to be vulnerable, to open up, to ask for help.

Right now, I’m going through one of the biggest challenges of my life. My anxiety is high but what is getting me through is I’ve reached out for help and the response has blown me away. What did surprise me is that so many people were inspired by my honesty. It was another reminder of how many people hold things in, they don’t feel like they can truly be themselves.

The reality is life has its ups and downs.

Sometimes you might be fit, lean and on fire, other times you might feel fat and lazy. There is no right or wrong. What I’d love to see more of is people just opening up and being honest about their struggles. When you are honest with yourself and others, you are truly ready to get help and make changes.  

Do you struggle to eat well because your anxiety is high, causing you to reach for chocolate as your little piece of calm in all the craziness?

Are you stressed, tired and overwhelmed and reaching for a glass of wine each night to get you through?

Do you binge eat after everyone has gone to bed because it just feels good?

These are not things to be ashamed off, these are things that can change when you are honest, open and reach out for help.

Do you hate your job, feel depressed? You can change this but don’t try and conquer it all by yourself.

We ALL have our challenges, but what I’ve learnt over the years is that challenges can be overcome so much easier when you have support, and you are honest with yourself about what needs to change.

And always remember YOU ARE WORTH IT NOW!!!!

Here are some things I’ve done over the years to help me:

I read a lot of motivational books. I’ve picked up tips on how to manage the endless thoughts that might tell you you’re not good enough.

I now listen to podcasts – Here are a couple of my current favourites. (I’d love to know more, if you have any flick me an email). The Mindset Mentor & The You Project

I get professional help when I need it. Over the years, I’ve seen psychologists to help get me through rough patches and I’ll most probably start seeing one again soon to help me to get through my cancer challenge.  I’ve also had fitness coaches when I’ve needed support and accountability. I’ve had business coaches. I have no problem getting help from experts when I need it.

I reach out and ask for help when I need it. Right now I’ve reached out to family and friends to let them know that there might be times coming up when I need support. The response I’ve received is overwhelming. I feel grateful.

So, if you can take one message out of this, I want you to know RIGHT NOW, YOU ARE WORTH IT and if you do want to make changes, start being open, honest and vulnerable and you’ll be amazed by all the support you’ll get.

❤ Hilds