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Break the bad habits and be on your way to eating better and leading a healthier lifestyle in just 7 days!
7 Day Kickstart
Break the bad habits and be on your way to eating better and leading a healthier lifestyle in just 7 days!

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How To Break Bad Habits  Increase Willpower and create positive habits, In as little as 7 days for just $7

Hi, I'm Hilde

Founder of Get Active Online and The Menopause Diet. With over 15 years in fitness, I understand life’s ups and downs.

i'm here to help!

Welcome to my Kick Start Challenge!  Its sole purpose is to guide you back on track and show you that change is possible. Let’s stop the self-criticism—it’s normal to have ups and downs.

My mission during your 7 Day Kickstart Challenge is prove to you that daily small changes add up.

I want to show you that dedicating time to yourself is worthwhile.

It’s a simple program with daily actions and full support through my coaching app. All I ask of you is to commit to the daily tasks! 

It’s time to stop thinking and start taking action. Honestly, what have you got to lose! 

Let’s get started! 

Hilde Brunnbauer 7 day kickstart coach

Next Challenge

starts january 5th
WHat's included
7 day kickstart

kickstart guide

Gives you simple overview of what to expect and details of your daily habit stacking! 

coaching app

7 Days of Lessons and Actions to keep you on track. Plus ongoing support and accountablity. 


Come and try out one of the friendliest fitness communities in Cairns! 7 Days Unlimited Bootcamp access. 

YOUR 7 day kickstart


Once you join you will get access to our Coaching App (MyCoach) where you will find the challenge details. We kick off on a Friday (prep day) and start on Satursday. I know, crazy starting on the weekend! Remember, it’s a challenge!  If you live in Cairns and have taken advantage of the FREE Bootcamp access for 7 days you will be given access.


We’ve kept this short so you can commit and re-train your brain that you can make changes. In the app we will work through some mini daily challenges with the goal of you continuing them on. Life long results come from taking small sustainable steps! During your 7 day Bootcamp pass you’ll get a taste of all the sessions and discover how awesome our Bootcamp community is.

habit stacking

We are also challenging you to make one small change each day that you can build on all week. Details of these mini stacking challenges are listed in your handout found in the coaching app.

Coaching App - Accountability+

You will also be given access to MyCoach, coaching app. This is my personalised app where I have included a daily mini challenge for you. You will also have actions to mark of each day. This is to keep you accountable and so I can see how you’re going.  You can also instant message me through here. 

Next Challenge kicks off Friday January 5th


"Break The Bad Habits, Increase WillPower and Create Postive Habits in as little as 7 Days"

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