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Are you sick of struggling on your own, life is crazy and you don’t know where to start? The good news is, you’re not alone. Most people who come to us for personal training and Cairns bootcamps or online coaching are totally overwhlemed by all the information out there and they’re sick of trying new diets and paying for programs that leave them with no support. We’re different! Our mission is to make sure you get the guidance and support you need to ensure you get results you deserve.  

Let us help you…


Do you want to be able to wear clothes you love? Feel confident in your bathers? We’ll help you Lose Weight without having to give up everything you love with our online coaching and personal training in Cairns. 


Do you want more energy? Exercising isn’t just about weight loss. It improves your MOOD and gives you ENERGY! We’ll help you find the RIGHT type of exercise for you.


Our goal is to help you FEEL fantastic! Nothing beats feeling energetic, fit and lean. The best part is you’ll  notice changes immediatley by being part of an awesome fitness community!

STARTS 6th FEB 2022
8 Week Challenge
How we can help...
12 Week Body Transformation

This Online Personal Training program is for anyone serious about making BIG changes. It's a personalised program dealing directly with Hilde, your very own Online Personal Trainer. If you've struggled to make changes on your own this program is guaranteed to get you the results you're after!

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The Menopause Diet

Helping Menopausal Women
lose weight, increase energy and love life!

Transforming the lives of perimenopausal and menopausal women. Don’t just survive menopause, let us help you THRIVE in your 40’s, 50’s & beyond!

Cairns Bootcamps

Located in Smithfield, our Cairns Bootcamps are a fantastic way to increase fitness and have some fun at the same time. Catering to a wide range of ages and fitness levels. We run 6 bootcamps every week, a mixture of resistance, cardio, core and boxing. Our training area is fantastic and we have access to a large undercover area, fan, lighting, oval and toilets.  Book in for a FREE TRIAL today.

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Alex 12 Week Body Tranformation Success Story
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Lee Body Blitz Monthly Winner
Lee 12 Week Body Transformation and personal training client
Kim Success Story
Kim 12 Week Body Transformation Success Story
Belinda lost 8.4kg in 12 Weeks & feels fantastic!
Online Personal Training Results
Hi I'm Hilde

In 2008 I started Get Active Online, which was born from pure passion of wanting to help other women achieve what I had.

Over the years I’d struggled with depression and got to a point where I just wasn’t that happy. I was fed up feeling crap so I decided to embark on my first 12 Week Challenge. I knew I needed help as I’d tried so many diets before and didn’t want this to be the same, so I took the plunge and got the help of an Online Personal Trainer. 

This is when I experienced the benefits of having an online personal trainer to mentor, coach and support me. The results at the end of the Challenge were truly amazing. Not only had my body changed but what really blew me away was the improvement in my mind. Who knew that exercise, eating well and spending time on yourself could make you feel so amazing 🥰 and the best part was is I realised all it took was consistency and having someone keep me accountable! 

My passion for health and fitness was born and I wanted to help as many others experience what I had. Over the years I’ve helped hundreds of men and women achieve amazing, life changing results and I’ve also learnt that we shouldn’t have to give up everything we love to get results. 🍕🍩🥂

I’m now 45 and more passionate than ever to help others realise they CAN FEEL AMAZING, without giving up everything they love. Life is to be enjoyed and to feel GREAT and I believe you can do both! 😘

If you want an Online Personal Trainer and Cairns Bootcamp Instructor who truly gets what it’s like to be busy, a working Mum and know the importance of accountability and support, you’re in the right place!

I can’t wait to help you FEEL AMAZING. 

❤ Hilds

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